Gin lovers do not need a reason to pour a glass of their favourite tipple, but with World Gin Day around the corner, here is how you can celebrate in Norfolk.

When is World Gin Day?

This year World Gin Day falls on the second Saturday of the month and will be celebrated on June 12.

How did World Gin Day begin?

World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin and is organised by Gin Monkey.

The idea is simple - get people together all around the world and raise a glass to the brilliant spirit.

Whether it is in a cocktail, a gin and tonic, or neat as part of a tasting, the idea is to celebrate the spirit in all of its glory.

The day of celebration was created for the love of gin back in 2009.

How can I celebrate 'Norfolk-style'?

There are dozens of gins made and distilled right here in Norfolk to aid your World Gin Day celebrations.

Why not give St Giles, which is a sipping gin produced in the city, a try? It's made in a custom copper still and reveals 11 botanicals – from lemongrass and rose petals to grains of paradise. It's fruity and floral.

Another classic to try if you haven't already is Bullards, which was Norwich's first-ever gin distillery.

The spirit has an exotic, unusual hint of cardamom, marzipan and vanilla owing to the use of tonka bean.

Another beautiful gin to try is Black Shuck Gin made with local lavender, sea buckthorn, juniper, coriander and bitter orange peel. Serve with tonic and fresh orange zest.

Finally, what would a Norfolk-inspired World Gin Day be without a dash of Norfolk Gin?

Handcrafted in the county, the ingredients are a secret, but this is all at once citrusy, herbal and floral. Recommended served with muddled thyme and tonic over ice.