A Chinese restaurant that was completely destroyed when a large blaze ripped through businesses in a town back in 2020 has reopened.

The Beijing Diner has reopened in Watton more than two years since a fire devastated the High Street.

Firefighters from across the county were called to the incident on Thursday, February 6, 2020, after a blaze broke out in the Chinese restaurant.

But the fire quickly spread through the building which also housed Casino Games, Cookies café and the Watton International Food Centre.

The incident saw the High Street close for two days and the building was left gutted.

Xiang Lin and his partner Amy He are the owners of the Beijing Diner and they said it has been the most difficult time of their lives.

Ms He, 36, said: "One day an uncontrollable fire broke out in the kitchen which we could not predict what was coming.

"It caused large-scale damage to the entire building and other businesses.

"This fire has heavily affected everyone in my family and the business fell apart. The past two years have been a very difficult time in our lives."

The building, owned by Dennis Brooks, has since undergone extensive repair works and on Tuesday, August 9, the Beijing Diner officially relaunched in its former restaurant.

Ms He said: "Thankfully, we have a wonderful property owner.

"Dennis Brooks gave us a lot of encouragement and help, and spent a lot of time putting in all of his effort to rebuild this business.

"We have spent a lot of money and time to try and get the restaurant reopened. This was an unimaginably daunting task."

Following the news of Beijing Diner's return to Watton, Ms He said they have been inundated with support from the community.

"We are overwhelmed with excitement to reopen after such a long time," she said. "We will strive to provide better service to everyone.

"When we told everyone they were all very happy that we are opening again.

"This restaurant means a lot to us and has a lot of history. Every customer is kind and supportive. They gave us the courage to continue."