Norfolk's 500-year-old moated manor house is free of scaffolding for the first time in six years.

The £6million restoration project at Oxburgh Hall near Swaffham is finally complete.

The restoration of the roof and the gatehouse façade began in 2016 and over that time 14,000 roof tiles, 27 chimneys, 12,000 specially 3D-printed bricks and 14 windows have been replaced.

Several discoveries were made during the project such as a rare 15th-century manuscript, Elizabethan textiles and structures that predate the hall.

Oxburgh Hall, built in the late medieval period, has also opened a new immersive experience in the gatehouse, the oldest part of the house.

Visitors will be able to discover what life was like for many Catholic families in the 16th century.

The family who live at Oxburgh Hall, the Bedingfelds, have been devout Catholics throughout their time at the estate.

The new experience will be open from Friday to Sunday.

Oxburgh Hall's main house is open from 11am to 3.15pm, the garden is open from 9.30am to 5pm and the tea room is closed for refurbishment.