Welham wins eighth county title

West Acre's Phillip Welham won his eighth Norfolk County Billiards Championship - and was in fine form when competing at Norwich's Woodside Snooker Centre.

West Acre's Phillip Welham won his eighth Norfolk County Billiards Championship - and was in fine form when competing at Norwich's Woodside Snooker Centre.

Welham recorded six century breaks during the day's play in what was again a very high standard Norfolk Championship.

The West Acre player who first won the title back in 1988 defeated fellow county squad member Allen Cheetham (St Phillips) 436(115, 107)-189, and then beat Connor Smith (Norwich) 547(116, 109)-154.

Welham then met former National Junior Champion Jamie Edwards (Norwich) in the semis, but again two centuries saw him home 427(140, 100)-215.

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The other semi-final saw the defending champion Nathan Mann (New Costessey) lose by four points to Gavin Lewis(Norwich) 265(67)-261 (100).

Welham then defeated Lewis, last years runner-up also in a cagey game which included long spells of safety play 267-218

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to claim his eighth Norfolk Championship title.

In the Narbeck Boys' League, the KO Cup will see the four top teams at the end of the qualifying league enter the semi-finals.

Swaffham head the qualifying despite losing their latest game 2-1 away to Narborough. Sam Lucas, however, recorded his new personal best break of 22 in his game with Jack Crisp, well done to him.

Gaywood beat league champions West Acre D 2-1 away with good wins for Chris Drew and Daniel Drew who upped his best score to 59 points. Jack Easter won the sole game for Acre D. Narborough defeated Gaywood away 2-1, with Ryan Williams and Jazmin Cainey getting the wins, Dan Westwood pulled back the point for Gaywood with a break of 22.

Highest Breaks: 45, 43, 41, 36, 32, 32, 32, 32, 31, 31, 30 Bruce Welham; 35, 21 Benn Elliott; 32, 23, 23, 22 Chris Drew; 26, 20, 20 Chris Holland; 25, 24 Alex Ward; 22, 20 Danny O'Brien; 22, 20 Jack Crisp; 22 Sam Lucas; 22 Dan Westwood; 21 Damien Evans. Highest Scores: 1 Bruce Welham 195; 2 Chris Drew 164; 3 Chris Hollands 149; 4 Alex Ward 142; 5 Dan Westwood 126; 6 Benn Elliott 124; 7 Ryan Williams 123; 8 Jack Crisp 116; 9 Josh Reynolds 108; 10 Matt Duncalf 105; 11 Danny O'Brien 99; 12 Jazmin Cainey 96; 13 Damien Evans 89; 14 James Eyre 88; 15 Sam Lucas 87; 16 Ryan Jackson 79; 17 Ross Durrant 78; 18 Beth Duke 69; 19 Rochy Clark 61; 20 Daniel Drew 59; 21 Jack Easter 49; 22 Jake Loane 48; 23 Gary Morris, Paul Keeney 42; 25 Liam Hollands 40.

In the West Norfolk League, Narborough A helped maintain their position, while Narborough A continued to press their championship claims by defeating West Acre A 2-1 away.

Last year's champions have now lost seven out of seven, and will be hoping for an improvement in the second half of the season. Peter Crisp defeated Mick Miles for Narborough, while Tony Abel beat Jack Crisp to level the scores. Alan Durrant then played a good game to beat Phillip Welham who himself played well, Durrant recording a 32 and Welham a 54 and 117, the league's highest break to date.

Tim Drew's 54 is the league's second highest break, however this surely will be topped before the season's end, by Drew himself, Peter Crisp, Les Chapman, John Hayhoe or Bruce Welham.

Acre A also lost 2-1 to club-mates West Acre C, with both Les Chapman and Matt Duncalf winning for the C team.

Gaywood A defeated West Acre B 3-0 with Dan Westwood scoring 200 exactly in his win over Benn Elliott, this being a new personal best score for Dan.

All teams/players who have not returned their entries for the Junior, Handicap and Open Championships are asked to do so within the next week.

Highest Breaks: 117, 86, 76, 57, 54, 54, 54, 52 Phillip Welham; 54, 38 Tim Drew; 51, 39, 37, 37, 33, 33 Peter Crisp; 40, 34 Bruce Welham; 32 Dan Westwood; 32 Alan Durrant. Highest scores: 1 Phillip Welham 379, 2 Peter Crisp 287, 3 John Heyhoe 270, 4 Bruce Welham 256, 5 Les Chapman 231, 6 Tim Drew 210, 7 Michael Crisp 202, 8 Dan Westwood 200, 9 Chris Drew 180, 10 Jack Crisp 168, 11 Robert Crisp 156, 12 David Cornwall, Alan Durrant 140, 14 Alex Ward, Benn Elliott, Johnny Mitchell 139, 17 Tony Abel 136, 18 Fred Weyman 127, 19 Mick Miles 120, 20 Matt Duncalf 107, James Eyre, 22 Danny O'Brien 106, 23 Kelvin Fairweather, Paul King 99, 25 Damien Evans 74, 26 Rochy Clark 58, 27 Ryan Jackson 48.

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