Emma's grading joy

A total of 113 students from Saracen Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) clubs were successful in their gradings at UEA, Norwich - with Watton's Emma Rear doing particularly well.

A total of 113 students from Saracen Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) clubs were successful in their gradings at UEA, Norwich - with Watton's Emma Rear doing particularly well.

In one of the largest gradings in Saracen's 24-year history, clubs from all over Norfolk and Suffolk converged on the Sportspark facilities for the fourth and final grading of 2009.

The morning grading is reserved for the under 10-year-olds and junior gradings as well as adult students up to green belt.

Having trained in their respective clubs for at least three months the grading candidates were keen to display their improved skills.

The grading starts with the under 10s performing basic punching, blocking and kicking skills, plus simple combinations and self-defence and sparring techniques.

Highest marks of the morning session was awarded to Emma Rear, who successfully passed her red belt grading. Emma, who scored particularly well in her blocks and pattern sections, trains at the Watton Youth Centre club.

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All of the candidates emerged successful with beaming faces and their new belts around them.

With the afternoon normally comes the senior grades from blue tabs right up to black tab (first kup). The mood is noticeably different in the afternoon, with senior grade candidates fully appreciating the seriousness of the grades attempted.

Highest marks of the afternoon grading were obtained by Dillon O'Neill, who successfully passed his blue belt grading. Dillon trains at the Swaffham Club and scored his high marks right across the syllabus. 'Dillon had a very impressive grading' commented chief instructor Ian Soame.

'He was totally focused on the job in hand, giving his best performance ever. Dillon displayed maturity that belied his young age. Well done Dillon! His next grading is his brown tabs next May.'

Anyone interested in tae kwon do can contact Ian Soame on Watton 01953 882034, or go along to the Watton Youth Centre on a Wednesday or Friday evening at 7pm for a free first month of lessons. The club is currently enrolling new members throughout the winter.

Grading passes - Red belt: Ellie Atkinson, Callum Beard, Holsten Beard, Sum Sum Chai, Riley Challenger, Matteo De Micco, Anastasia Drewry, Alfie Eaves, Benjamin Elven, Lucy Foreman, Joseph Foulger, Jamie Goddard, Oliver Grantham, Eddie Gray, Reed Higgins, Charlie Howes, Jodie Hughes, Kaela Hughes, Dionne Jeevarajah, Kyle Johal-Hansen, Nikita Lane, Alessandro Leone, Thomas Marrison, Amelia Mason, Ben Mellor, Toby Mellor, Anya Messent, Jesse Miller, Kristian Neil, Suzie Partridge, Daisy Rant, Emma Rear (highest marks), Callum Kirkman, Cameron Parsons, Ella-May Marshall, Jason Smith, Jamie Weale, Natalie Smith, Luke Weale.

Orange belt: Imogen Allen, Sebastian Fitzpattrick, Benjamin Kelf, Eve Self.

Yellow belt: Samuel Bilverstone, Edith Cassidy, Oliver Chapman, Katy Collyer, Millie Fisher, Charlotte Hankin, Danielle Hankin, Hayley Hinkley, Kyle Hinkley, Craig Manning, Zara O'Neill, Tegan Thorne.

Green tabs: Liam Dargan, Lily Arnold, Divya Bhagavathula, Steven Buck, Ashley Bugg, Kasey Campbell, Aaron Farmer, Zofia Fitzpattrick, Bonnie Hilldrup, Riley Manning, Harry Parker, Lewis Redwood, Emily Salter, Connor Soame, Lewis Warnes.

Green belt: Lucy Collyer, Joshua Cooper-Winter, Alex Copeman, Alexander Cripps, Joe Fisher, Abby Flaxmer, Bradley Green, Darragh Leman, Willow Leman, Samuel Merritt, Olivia Robinson, Dylan Johnson, Alex Aldous, Iain Glanville, Joshua Aldous, Dominic Cripps.

Blue tabs: Nathan Campbell, Miklos De Kiss, Imogen Dixon, Samuel Harvey, Kelsey Manning, Fraser Messent, Zuhair Mondol, Gaby Newby, Edward Proctor, Macaulay Quadling, Morgan Roberts, Paige Roberts, Andrew Johnson. Blue belt: Fred Bate, Natalie Copeman, Danny Flaxmer, Dillon O'Neill, James Robinson, Gabe Thorneywork, Emily Davison-Cripps, Nicola Denney, Jeremy Snell. Brown tabs: Lewis Collyer. Brown belt: Robert Gudgion, Georgina Hemstock, Joanne O'Neill. Black tabs: Henri Eastwood.