Major leisure development earmarked for Watton golf club

The clubhouse at Richmond Park golf club. Pic:

The clubhouse at Richmond Park golf club. Pic: - Credit:

A golf club in Watton could be in line for a major leisure development that would potentially bring a number of jobs to the town.

A seminar was held on Friday, March 29 between members of the Richmond Golf Club, in Saham Road, and developers Hamilton Hewitt to discuss plans to add a luxury spa, hotel and lodges at the site.

In 2007 a major development was undertaken to create 45 holiday apartments and time share properties at the Norfolk golf club.

People who already have a timeshare or are members of the club are being given a chance to invest in the new leisure scheme.

Keith Gilbert, Breckland councilor for Watton and member of the golf club attended the seminar and said the plans for the development were aspirational at this stage.

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Mr Gilbert said: 'Something needs to be done at the golf club, we all know that and they [Hamilton Hewitt] have big ideas but need to raise a lot of money for what they want to do.'

Samuel George 25 has lived in Watton all his life.

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He said: 'The golf club was up for sale for a while, it hasn't really had much of a pull in the community but I think that a spa and hotel will.

'It will bring more people to the community and provide extra services.'

Emily Jeffery, 35, is a bar manager and has lived in Saham Toney for eight years.

She thinks there are both positives and negatives to the new golf course development.

'The good aspects would mean more jobs,' she said. 'Not just working there but for construction companies too.

'The bad is that the empty space next to the golf course is the only separation of Watton to Saham.

'There are so many new building projects going on around Watton and this is just adding to that.'

A long term Watton resident who did not want to be named said: 'A spa would be good, depending on the price as Watton isn't a very rich town.

'A hotel and lodges probably wouldn't be a good idea as Watton isn't much of a holiday resort area and it doesn't offer shops and activities etc.

'Closer to the coast is better for that.'

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