Writer’s appeal to find kind neighbour

A Watton writer who had part of his garden fence stolen wants to thank a kind neighbour who spotted the stolen item.

Dylan Halliwell, 32, moved to his house on Norwich Road six months ago with his partner Robert Ferris.

The couple put up a fence made of reclaimed wooden floorboards and wooden poles, which cost about �100, at the front of his home.

But in the early hours of December 30 part of the fence was removed.

Mr Halliwell said he first saw it was missing when he woke up the next morning and looked out of the kitchen window.

He said: 'I was quite upset about it and immediately called the police and reported it. Within about five minutes of that call a complete stranger was at my door and she told us the fence was around the corner. It is very nice to know there are people out there willing to do that.'

The stolen section of fence, found on the corner of Lovell Gardens and Norwich Road, was two metres wide and a metre tall and included two poles.

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Mr Halliwell said he wants to say thank you to the woman who found the fence.

He added: 'A lot people do good deeds but they don't get any thanks for it. We are so elated to get the fence back especially at this time when every penny counts.

'The people who took it need to be made aware that it is not funny and it costs people time and money. We had to call the police when they could have been doing something else or saving someone's life.'

The police are no longer investigating the crime.

If you are the kind neighbour who spotted the fence, visit Mr Halliwell and Mr Ferris at their home, which is 106 Norwich Road.