Beautiful sunsets were seen across Norfolk as the sun shone through altocumulus clouds and Saharan dust caused stunning patterns to form.

A small layer of Saharan dust drifted across the county last night (June 19) to create the hazy scenes.

But forecasters say the amount of dust was much smaller than the last wave, which saw cars covered in the "brown rain".

Forecasters say the main cause of dusky sunsets were the altocumulus clouds which are described by the Met Office as "ethereal" and one of the most diverse cloud types.

Weatherquest forecaster, Chris Bell, said: "We had a little bit of Saharan dust over the county but nowhere near the concentration we saw last time.

"There's also a bit of high pressure which contributes to the sunsets we've seen as well as slightly lower than usual air quality.

"But the main reason for this is the clouds, what causes it is the sun setting underneath these altocumulus clouds, which looks very pretty."