Four animals have been rescued after the heatwave "destroyed" a sanctuary's pond.

PACT Animal Sanctuary has now pleaded for help after the animals became stuck in a build-up of silt at the bottom of the dried up pool at their Hingham site.

The sanctuary is facing a bill of several hundred pounds to fill the pool until dredging can take place, after help from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Charley Leske, from PACT, said: "With the hot weather all of the water in our pond just disappeared and we have been left with a lot of silt on the bottom.

"The pond is in desperate need of dredging but we need the money to be able to do that.

"On Friday we had a seagull get struck and two of my colleagues had to climb in to help rescue it, and on Saturday morning we had a swallow, a duck and then a chicken get stuck.

"We are desperately trying to keep them off but they know that is their area for water and they keep wanting to go back there."

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service arrived to help fill the pond on Saturday lunchtime, with the sanctuary now looking for a company to dredge the site.

Ms Leske said: "It's costing £300 per hour plus VAT for them to fill it but it's so important and we need to pay it.

"Now we need to get a company out to dredge it, and we're also hoping to be able to revamp the whole pond to stop this happening in the future.

"We'll add lots of plants and trees and help to give the bank stability to keep the water where it is.

"If anyone knows any companies who can do that, or anyone who can give us some guidance on how to stop this happening again, can contact the sanctuary, that would be lovely."

To help the sanctuary, call on 01362 820775 or through their Facebook page at PACT Animal Sanctuary.

Donations can be made online at