‘We want to be prepared’ - Swaffham seeks volunteer gritters to keep roads safe

Picture: Paul Reynolds

Picture: Paul Reynolds - Credit: citizenside.com

Swaffham is looking for volunteers to help make the town's roads safe in the face of snow fall and icy weather conditions.

The town council is seeking gritters who can help protect roads and ensure that traffic and big events run smoothly throughout the winter period.

Town mayor Jill Skinner said: 'Swaffham is always at its best when the chips are down, and our town owes a debt of gratitude to our many volunteers for everything they do. I see this up close as I travel around the town in my capacity as mayor.

'We need them to do one more thing though, as our luck will run out soon. It will inevitably snow and only then will we see if we have done enough to help our townsfolk go about their business. I hope we have and I have faith in the people of Swaffham that we will.'

Richard Bishop, town clerk, added: 'We don't want to get caught out. We want to be prepared.'

To volunteer, contact the town hall on 01760 722922.