Wayland Academy activity event involves the whole school

Wayland Academy Norfolk. Picture: TEN Group

Wayland Academy Norfolk. Picture: TEN Group - Credit: Archant

Pupils at Wayland Academy took part in a two-day activity event which involved the whole school.

The pupils were divided into 16 teams, lead by a staff member, to compete in 16 difference challenges in the Game of Houses.

The idea of the event was to foster a sense of community within the school through teamwork and co-operation, with teams being able to achieve bonus points for outstanding examples of either.

The only common rule to all challenges was that every student was required to participate in some way.

One of the most popular challenges was the Wayland Warrior - an endurance obstacle course.

Other challenges included Time Capsule, a historical escape room, and Geography Trivia, which required students to use subject knowledge to gain points, with tasks targeting each of the year groups.

Team Fossey were declared the winners.