Swaffham florist doesn't just say it with flowers

Richard ParrSAYING it with flowers took on a whole new meaning in Swaffham in the run-up to Mothering Sunday.Richard Parr

SAYING it with flowers took on a whole new meaning in Swaffham in the run-up to Mothering Sunday.

Florist Kim Starling wanted to do something different this year to mark the annual day when mothers are celebrated.

So she decided to put living models in the window of her shop in the centre of Swaffham to help promote the day when most people give their Mum a blooming lovely gift of a bouquet.

So for a couple of days before Sunday's special day passers-by found themselves breaking into a smile as they gazed into the colourful window of the florist's and greengrocer's and realise that the 'model' sitting in the corner was, in fact, a real person.

As shop owner Kim Starling rehearsed the scene, Swaffham vicar's wife, Kate Smith, became a guinea pig.

It was certainly a case of 'More tea, vicar's wife?' for Mrs Smith as she sipped her way through several cups of Rosie Lea while acknowledging the waves and smiles from people who stopped and did a double-take when they realised she was a real person.

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'It has been really fun and watching people's reaction, as they pass by the window and do a double-take when they realise it is a real person sitting in the window, has been really interesting. I have got several layers on for warmth because the wind is so called today,' said Mrs Smith. She ensured she didn't become bored by doing a Suduko puzzle in a newspaper.

Miss Starling, whose family have run the business in Swaffham for more than 45 years, said she hoped that as well as promoting her flowers, the Mothering Sunday living models would raise a smile for customers.

'I think that mothers are fantastic and should be celebrated,' she said.

On Monday Miss Starling said she was delighted at the way her special promotion went and was delighted that people entered into the spirit of it all.