Police vow to catch those not wearing seatbelts

Police in Norfolk and Suffolk have been targetting passengers who dont belt-up.

Police in Norfolk and Suffolk have been targetting passengers who dont belt-up. - Credit: PA

A week-long campaign to catch people not wearing a seatbelt has stared.

Police in Norfolk and Suffolk will be targeting drivers and passengers who don't belt-up from today until Sunday.

Those not wearing seatbelts could be fined, lose their licence or face court action.

During last year's enforcement campaigns in the region, 101 drivers were caught in March and 97 in September

It is illegal not to wear a seatbelt when travelling in a car or goods vehicle and they should be worn where they are provided.

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It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure all passengers under the age of 14 are wearing a one or child restraint.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, head of the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads policing unit, said: 'I still find it shocking in this day and age to find drivers and passengers who are prepared to take risks with their lives by not wearing a seatbelt.

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'Putting on your seatbelt should be part of your routine before starting any journey and it is absolutely necessary for those travelling in the front and rear seats to belt up and save lives.'

Norfolk police said not wearing a seatbelt is one of the 'fatal four' behaviours along with speeding, drink driving and using a mobile phone that makes you more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash.

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