Planned development could bring new health facilities to Swaffham

Proposals for a new delopment in Swaffham. Picture: Abel Homes

Proposals for a new delopment in Swaffham. Picture: Abel Homes - Credit: Abel Homes

A planning application outline has been submitted for a major new development in Swaffham which would include a new care home and medical facility.

The proposal would use land to the west of B1065, Brandon Road and lays out plans for a 64 bed care home, up to 40 new assisted living homes and a multi-purpose medical centre.

It would also see the construction of a mix of housing which would provide up to 160 new homes along with 7,000 square foot of retail space.

According to the planning statement, the care home would be a two storey building that features communal gardens as well as facilities which will 'aid the creation of an in-house community'.

When the home is fully occupied it is envisaged that it would provide 60 full time equivalent jobs.

The planned medical centre will be a single storey building consisting of 12 consulting rooms with associated parking and emergency access parking for one ambulance.

The application was submitted at the end of November by Savills Urban Design Studio on behalf of Abel Homes and comes shortly after a public consultation held in October.

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Around 180 people attended the consultation and 55 provided direct feedback to the project team. Just 10pc said they support the plan.

Concerns were mainly focussed on the impact of the new homes and the strain on schools and the town centre.

Swaffham already faces significant traffic issues resulting in pollution levels that have exceeded EU guidelines on several occasions. Earlier this year, Breckland was forced to declare an Air Quality Management Area covering a 400m stretch of the A1065/Station Street.

Resident Richard Mackenzie wrote in a letter of objection that the increase in traffic would be 'unsustainable' and going ahead with the development would have a huge impact on existing residents due to increased traffic problems and higher pollution levels.

Abel noted they are seeking to address the concerns and said the site is not located within the Air Quality Management Area.

There were also concerns about whether the medical centre could be delivered and if there is enough staff available for the care home.

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