Photo Gallery - West Norfolk man goes out on a limb for Cancer Research, living up a tree for a month

A West Norfolk man has literally gone out on a limb for charity, completing an extraordinary challenge for Cancer Research.

Sonny Yallop packed his belongings and waved his children goodbye to spend four weeks living up an ash tree overlooking the River Nar, near Pentney Abbey, on August 1.

More than 30 of his friends and family were on the ground to greet him when he finally climbed down this afternoon - just in time for his 42nd birthday party tonight (Saturday).

The unemployed carpenter, from King's Lynn, has braved thunderstorms, downpours and strong winds since making his home 35ft above the river bank.

But he would trade his creature comforts in an instant to live among the leaves again.

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'I actually don't want to come down at all,' he said. 'There's a real possibility that I will do it all again for charity and I've got 13 months in my mind now.

'I would probably need a bigger platform - 8ft by 8ft would be fine. The wind didn't bother me at all, I loved everything about being up there.'

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After weeks of surviving on pasta, tinned food and the odd takeaway delivered by friends, Mr Yallop is particularly looking forward to a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

The crowd sang Happy Birthday to Mr Yallop and, as the clock struck 2pm, there were cheers as he jumped the final few metres to the floor.

'I feel a bit wobbly,' he called out, as he headed off to stretch his legs.

Among those waiting for Mr Yallop was his grandson, Joseph, who turned five-months-old today.

So far the father-of-four, who has three grandchildren, has raised about �250 in sponsorship for Cancer Research.

He was inspired to support the charity following the death of several families members from cancer, including his aunt Yvonne Branham, who died of lung cancer last May.

Follow the link above to Mr Yallop's Just Giving Page.

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