Norfolk to see increase in low-flying military exercises

Soldiers parachute from a C130 Hercules. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Soldiers parachute from a Hercules, the RAF's primary tactical transport aircraft. File photo. - Credit: PA

The Ministry of Defence has warned people in Norfolk that the county will be affected by an increase in low-flying exercises.

The planned training will be from January 6 to January 13 and some overnight exercises will take place from 2pm to 2am between January 9 and January 11.

The aircraft that will be flying low over Norfolk are transport planes, which move troops and humanitarian aid.

Low-flying training allows aircraft crews to undertake various other roles like reconnaissance and search and rescue.

The exercises have no set flight plans to take into account environmental and industrial hazards.

Routes will vary to distribute the disturbance to those on the ground, though this is not always practical.

Major towns and cities are generally avoided during the exercises unless there are landing sites in the vicinity.

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However, a combination of airspace restrictions and topographical features make it difficult for crews to greatly vary routes.

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