Plans to extend a haulier's storage building have drawn fears from villagers concerned it will further damage surrounding roads.

Roger Warnes, a Breckland-based haulage company, has submitted plans to reconstruct and extend an existing storage building in Great Dunham, calling it "not fit for purpose".

Objectors to the scheme have raised fears it will lead to more vehicle movements on already clogged up country lanes.

However, Warnes say it will just be replacing a building and will result in no extra traffic.

Jane Parker, 64, who lives in Little Dunham said the A47 is frequently closed, with large vehicles causing blockages.

She said: "These plans would bring heavy traffic that goes through Little Dunham at all times of the day.

"There's already a lot of damage to the roads and we've had various issues with the highways - they don't get repaired."

Mrs Parker said large vehicles are already causing an excessive amount of noise and force cars onto verges which cause punctures and cracked wheel rims.

Seven objections have been lodged with Breckland's planning department, including one from Jane and her husband.

Many raised similar concerns, with some saying they felt ignored, calling for the district council to put weight and time restrictions on the roads.

Rain Brown wrote to the council, he said: "With Dunham Road and Necton Road being already deadly and dangerous with articulated juggernauts ripping up verges and ruining the edge of the road surface and having no regard for other road users I strongly object to this.

"This will only mean one thing and that is extra traffic."

Ian Barclay, operations director at Roger Warnes, insisted the plans would not lead to extra traffic.

"It's only a refurbishment to an already existing building to keep things current, it's not additional, it won't add extra traffic," he said.

"We installed two passing bays between Great Dunham and Necton before the pandemic.

"From time to time traffic issues arise but we are not the only haulier that uses the road, it happens with cars and vans as well. It's a typical country road."