Foal aged six weeks ‘lucky to survive’ after being dumped in field

A six-week-old foal was found dumped in a field on the outskirts of Swaffham. Picture: World Horse W

A six-week-old foal was found dumped in a field on the outskirts of Swaffham. Picture: World Horse Welfare - Credit: Archant

A six-week-old foal has defied the odds to survive after being found dumped in a field.

The skewbald colt was discovered in Swaffham on the morning of Tuesday, July 31, as the owners of a field tended to sheep on the outskirts of town.

They contacted World Horse Welfare (WHW), who immediately collected the horse and took him to a safe yard where he is currently receiving care and attention.

The charity said the foal was "lucky to survive" given recent temperatures and is on the road to making a miraculous recovery.

"At such a young age this poor little chap should still be with his mother," said Jacko Jackson, the field officer from WHW who was called out to collect the foal.

"It's lucky he was found relatively quickly as, had he been left for much longer - especially in the extreme heat we've had - it's unlikely he would have survived.

"Horses are not normally weaned until six-months-old, but this little foal is clearly a fighter. We bottle fed him for a couple of days and he has now learnt to drink milk from a bucket and is doing very well."

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The foal will remain with WHW and, in time, will be introduced to other youngsters at their Norfolk centre in Snetterton so he can learn how to socialise and behave naturally within a herd.

Now the charity is appealing for information and is keen to hear from anyone who may have previously seen the foal - who has one distinctive blue eye - or spotted anything suspicious in the area.

Please call 0300 333 6000 if you have any relevant information.

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