Vulnerable patient's concerns as family not warned about Covid admissions

Dave Johnson has raised concerns that he was put at unnecessary risk when Covid patients were brought on to the ward.

Dave Jordan has raised concerns that he was put at unnecessary risk when Covid patients were brought on to the ward. - Credit: Dave Jordan

A vulnerable patient says he felt forced to ask for a discharge from hospital after Covid patients were brought into his ward. 

David Jordan, from Swaffham, was receiving treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in King's Lynn, for cellulitis in his right leg, which has hospitalised him twice in recent weeks. 

The 66-year-old is classed as clinically extremely vulnerable requiring a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea and oxygen therapy 24/7. He also has pulmonary hypertension and COPD.

Dave and Melissa Jordan from Swaffham

Dave and Melissa Jordan have shielded due to Mr Jordan's health conditions but said they had been put at risk of exposure when Covid patients were admitted on the ward. - Credit: Dave Jordan

The dad-of-two said he had to leave hospital as he was concerned he and his family had been put at risk when Covid patients were being admitted to his ward, having asked to be notified before it happened. 

He said: "I cannot afford to catch Covid.

"I told them I was not happy to be on the ward when Covid patients arrived and was told this would not happen."

The family has complained to the trust and will meet next week, with QEH's chief nurse Alice Webster adding they will work with the family to resolve the complaint.

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She said: "We are working closely with Mr Jordan to understand his concerns and to ensure we consistently deliver the best quality care to all our patients." 

Mr Jordan, who was not Covid positive, was admitted to Stanhoe ward on July 31 after several visits to A&E for his leg and was placed in a side room.

On August 5, staff told him he would be moved to another ward to prepare Stanhoe to be used for infectious patients, including those with Covid-19.

The ward move did not occur with the five patients moved into a bay in Stanhoe.

On Sunday, August 8, Mr Jordan said staff were fully gowned and masked and told him no Covid patients were yet on the ward. 

His family was told Covid patients would arrive Sunday afternoon, but then informed this had taken place that morning.

Mr Jordan asked to move but was told there were no available side rooms. 

He was discharged by staff that afternoon with discussions of a care plan, but the family says this has not been put in place.

His wife of 44 years Melissa, said: "They were all clinically extremely vulnerable. We haven't seen our grandchildren for a year and a half and to have him put in this situation, it was catch 22."