'Shocked' couple almost given wrong Covid jab

Alan Muse, from Diss, receiving his COVID-19 vaccination at the new mass vaccination centre at Conna

A Swaffham couple were almost given the "wrong" Covid jab at Manor Farm in Swaffham - Credit: Danielle Booden

A man in his 60s says he and his wife were offered the wrong coronavirus vaccine, realising only seconds before it was due to be injected.

The Swaffham patient, who asked not to be named, was set to receive his second dose at Manor Farm Medical Centre on Wednesday (May 12). 

Having received the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab at the same location in March, he expected to again be given the AZ vaccine.

But just as it was being administered, the 64-year-old was told by a nurse he was about to be injected with the Pfizer product.

The process was promptly halted, and both the man and his wife - who had the same experience - were sent home without being fully vaccinated.

"We'd checked in and given our details for the security process with no problems," the man explained.

Audrey Burton, 97, receiving her COVID-19 vaccination at the Castle Quarter Vaccination Centre in No

A Covid jab being administered at Castle Quarter in Norwich - Credit: Danielle Booden

"When I got to the nurse and rolled up my sleeve, she was just about to administer and I queried it to be safe.

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"I said 'it's the AZ, isn't it?', but she replied 'no, it's the Pfizer one.'

"I was in complete shock and my wife as well. The nurse kept querying me as if I was wrong, but I was sure.

"Everything was aborted and we didn't get our vaccines."

Confused, the man contacted his surgery, Campingland, whose records showed he had been given the Pfizer jab for his first dose.

But he remains certain that the vaccine given to him in March was AztraZeneca, as his appointment 'receipt' shows. 

"I am convinced we had the AZ jab first time around," he added. "My wife and I got the same receipt and surgeries will only use one type of vaccine each day. 

"In my opinion the records at Campingland are incorrect, so this may have happened to others."

Dr Christina Green at the Castle Quarter Vaccination Centre in Norwich holding one of the vaccinatio

A Covid jab prior to being administered at Castle Quarter in Norwich - Credit: Danielle Booden

Norfolk and Waveney CCG, which is leading the local rollout, has apologised and said it takes such incidents "very seriously". 

A spokesman added: "We would like to apologise to anyone affected by this incident.

"We will be carrying out a thorough review to understand what happened in this instance and put in place measures to ensure any errors found are not repeated.

“Rolling out a vaccination programme of this scale is a significant undertaking, but patient safety is our number one priority."

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