It’s been an extraordinary year, where so many schools and teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure they can do their best for children in difficult circumstances.

Homeschooling, class bubbles, social distancing, face masks and pupils undergoing Covid testing: children attending school this year have faced more than any classroom cohort before them.

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With the end of the school year here, we gave you the chance to send a message or say goodbye to the teachers who have made such a big difference.

Whether they helped to put children at ease during classroom changes, helped with homeschooling or reassured on the return to classes, parents and pupils wanted to say thank you...

⁕ Thank you to all of my teachers at Barnham Broom Primary School for going above and beyond. Especially when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year. You helped me build my confidence in managing it and always made me feel I was in safe hands. Thank you for your support. I’m going to miss you all! Skye Norton

⁕ Miss Best and Mrs Ward for being fantastic teachers to our two children Airlie & Flynn Pigg, your reassurance and online teaching support was above and beyond what can be expected of anyone. Victoria & Martin Pigg

⁕ Thank you Mr Noble at Woodland View Junior School. You’re the most amazing teacher but sadly we’re all now isolating and can’t see you to say goodbye. You’ve made learning fun both in the classroom and when we’ve been at home. You listen and encourage me to do my best. Thank you for teaching me and getting me ready for high school. I miss having you as my teacher. William Buck (Year 6)

⁕ A great big massive thank you to my children’s teachers at Ormiston Herman Academy. Mrs Pettit and Mrs Karasava who teach my daughters Ellie-Mai and Shyla Bricknell. They’ve been amazing! Two lovely ladies, my girls always have nice things to say about them. Serena Mills

⁕ Thank you Mrs Bracken at North Denes Primary School for being the best teacher during lockdown. I will miss you. Love Isaac Hills

⁕ Thank you to Mr Wyer at Great Yarmouth Primary Academy for making Year 1 amazing. You truly are simply the best. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Sapphire Plaister-Rowley

⁕ Thank you to Mrs Goodson and Mrs Kemp - Year 1 - Hemblington Primary School for all your hard work and for teaching us in and out of school over the last year. You are both amazing and we will miss you next year. Love all your Swans xx

⁕ My daughter Olivia goes to Forncett Primary School. She was a key worker pupil for the first lockdown and her two teachers made sure she was supported and made her feel safe. Thank you Mrs Turner and Mrs Belemore-Smith for all your help and support during these difficult times. Jenny Whiting

⁕ Thank you to Mrs Hickman at Hemsby Primary School for all the support during lockdown learning and the support for children coming back to school. Two years of having the best teacher! Rosie

⁕ A massive thank you to all the wonderful teachers in Haven at Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy. Thank you for everything you do for Mason, and thank you for caring, it is so truly appreciated. Mason Cracknell

⁕ Mrs Hickman at Hemsby Primary School. Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher to us for the last two years. We have loved you being our teacher and we will miss you. Thank you for everything you have done both at school and during home schooling. Lots of love from all your Owls x

⁕ Logan and Seren would like to say a massive thank you not only to their teachers Mrs Henden and Miss Pennock and Mr Rackham, and the whole school teaching team of Denver VC Primary School in Downham Market. Especially to their headteacher Mrs Jones who has held it all together! They have all worked extremely hard throughout the whole pandemic from sending homeschooling work through to teaching in school. Once all the children were back in school they had made it still enjoyable for them.

⁕ Thank you Mrs Gadsdon and Mrs Simpkins at North Denes Primary School for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. You make school the best. I will miss you both. Love Daisy Hills x

⁕ Thank you Sam,Theresa and all the staff at Sheridan special-needs school in Thetford and in Hedgehogs. You are superb teaching staff. I thank you for putting up with me even when I’m in a bad mood. Have a super summer holiday. I will see you in September. Love Simon

⁕ A big thank you to Mrs Whiteley-Tye for being a wonderful headteacher. She has done over 20 years at Hopton Academy and is leaving at the end of term and she will be missed. Love Casey xx

⁕ Alex, Tia, Adam, Jamie, Tommy and Toby Hutchinson would like to say a big thank you to all of their teachers and all of the staff at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, Ormiston Venture Academy, Ormiston Herman Academy and Little Learners Nursery. It's been a tough year for everyone but you've all worked harder than ever and your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank You Miss Meakins, Mrs Jenner for a lovely final year before I move on to high school love Jamie x. Thank You Mrs Freel, Mrs Yeoman and Miss Faithful for a fun year in reception. I have really enjoyed learning. Love Tommy x. Thank you Mrs Carter, Mrs Norton and Mrs Harden for a fun year in nursery school. I couldn't ask for better staff to start me on my journey through education. Love Toby x

⁕ Thank you to the following teachers at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy from Charlie Perkins: Mrs T Poulter; Mrs J Spurgeon; Mr N Warnes; and Ms S George.

⁕ Thank you to King's Park Infant School in Dereham for everything you have done for me. Thank you for all the work you helped me to do. I've had fun. Thea Gant

⁕ Thank you for all the help to Swansfield Park Primary. Amy Topley

⁕ Thank you Miss Maskill at Narborough Primary Academy for everything you have done. We as a family couldn't have done lock down without you. Libby Darkins xxxx

⁕ Thank you Miss Woodison at Thompson Primary for making my time at Thompson the best ever. Your nurturing and teaching has helped me become the person l am and enable me to be ready for my transition to high school. I will miss you and teaching assistants and all at Thompson and look forward to my next steps in life with great memories of my time in Barn Owls. Freddie Clarke

⁕ Thank you to Miss Dean Wroughton Academy for being my Year 1 teacher. I will miss you at my new school! Daisy-Belle

⁕ Thank you so much Miss Brooks and Miss Mckeever at Wroughton Infant Academy for being the very best through what has been a strange year to us all in Quentin Blake class and for taking the extra time to look after me and supporting me through the highs and lows. Will miss you lots. Dawson Smith

⁕ Thank you Miss Franklin and Mrs Youngs at Woodlands Primary Academy for making my time in reception a very special time even during lockdown you continued to make us smile and helped us with our school work online. The world needs lots more teachers like you. Teddy Edmead

⁕ Thank you to the following teachers at St Nicholas Priory School in Great Yarmouth from Harry Perkins: Mrs Maria Grimmer (headteacher); Mr Daniel Rust; Ms Amy Richardson; Ms Lucy Baldwin; Mrs Ros Hazell; Ms Vicky Marriott; Ms Miller; Mr James Parramint; Mrs C Goffin.

⁕ Our family want to say thank you so much to Sprowston Infant School for supporting the children through the pandemic and allowing Thijs to come into school which meant the world to us as disabled parents struggling to manage everything. He's learnt and developed as a person so much during his reception year, and we are so happy that his first year at school was full of good memories and good, child centred learning. Well done! Michelle and Peter de Oude and Thijs de Oude

⁕ Wishing my super teacher Mrs Brownsey a very happy retirement after many years at Hemblington Primary School. Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher, especially throughout a difficult year. You’re very much going to be missed by myself and all of your Robin Class. James H

⁕ A big big thankyou to Mrs Pickett, Mrs Peck, Mrs Brabben, Mrs Coulam and all the other teachers at Hillside Primary School in Bradwell for their help, support and teaching this past year. We can't thank you enough. Kyle Atkins

⁕ We would like to say a big thank you to their teachers Mrs Turk and Miss Srokowski and all the other staff at Aslacton Primary School. We had so much support through reception and Year 5 - the contact through lockdown was amazing . We hope all the teachers enjoy a well deserved summer holiday. Love Ella-May and Florence Saunders

⁕ Thank you to Mrs Reeder and Miss Brown at Wroughton Academy. You have been the most amazing support over the last few years. We are so lucky to have had you both for as long as we did! We will miss you so much when Sophia moves on to her new school! X Katie Collins

⁕ Thank you for helping and supporting me and my friends during our homeschooling Miss Everett at Homefield VC Primary in Bradwell. Finley Mckay

⁕ Thank you to Mr Heasman at Blofield Primary School for your enthusiasm and support during this year. Despite the disruptions, Year 4 have had an excellent learning experience and have thoroughly enjoyed their third year with you! Sue Down and Leo P

⁕ Thank you Miss Ray at St Nicholas Primary Priory School in Great Yarmouth. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my son Zander Harper! You have been amazing and extremely understanding. My son is a better child because of you. Thank you ever so much. Elizabeth Lillie

⁕ Thank you to Mr Bartram in 4DB at Caister Junior School. An amazing teacher who stepped up massively in the lockdown. He initiated Teams calls twice a day and actively encouraged kids to join and was always available for help when needed. He filmed videos to help with maths and made the whole lockdown schooling stress-free. Thank you from Holly Spires who you have become her favourite teacher forever. Also thank you to his assistant Mr Howes!

⁕ Thank you to Norwich Road Academy in Thetford for everything you have all done this year for all of us. Amy and Olivia Read

⁕ Our three children Samson, Sophia and Rory Cowell joined Hemsby Primary School in October after relocating. We knew nobody, within weeks, the school shut for lockdown. The support we had from the teachers was incredible. On returning to school, my children were anxious and still feeling like newbies, as they hadn’t really had a chance to make strong friendships, with being at home. The school went above and beyond with the level of support and encouragement. Thank you so much Mr Brodey, Mrs Gates/Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Hickman for helping, guiding and supporting our children, keeping them safe and listening, understanding and responding to their needs. Rosie Cowell

⁕ My daughter attends Fred Nicholson School in Dereham and her teacher was so supportive throughout the last school year. They had daily Zoom sessions and she was always on the end of the phone if we needed anything as a family. Being a child with complex needs this has been a really tough 18 months as routine is one thing that my daughter needs. My daughter would say that her teacher is the best in the world and I actually agree there are not many teachers that will talk on the phone for 45 minutes when you have had a bad day. Anna Perkins

⁕ Thank you Mrs Fearns at St George’s Primary School. You have made the staff and children’s time at school a calm and safe place to be during this pandemic. Your determination to make us all feel at ease has been astonishing. We thank you and appreciate all that you have done at St George’s and wish you all the very best on your retirement. We will all miss you, love all the staff and children to whom hearts you have touched. Heidi Staff

⁕ Thank you Mr Fox at Drake Primary School in Thetford. Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best. You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide, the candle to my life. I am deeply thankful that you are my teacher. Szymon Bajgrowicz (Year 3)

⁕ Thank you Mr Davies at Millfield Primary School in North Walsham for being a brilliant teacher this year. I’m so glad I was in your class as you are so much fun. Lucy Oakley (Year 3)

⁕ Thank you Mrs Wright. After 13 years of supporting the Cutche’s, I’m the last to leave Forest Academy in Brandon. I just want to thank you for all your help you have given me and my brothers. Keep being fantastic. Noah Cutche

⁕ A huge thank you to all the staff at Spooner Row Primary School for the amazing efforts in keeping our children Airlie & Flynn Pigg safe and happy during the past school year. An extra special thank you to Miss Best and Mrs Ward for being fantastic teachers to our two children, your reassurance and online teaching support was above and beyond what can be expected of anyone. Victoria & Martin Pigg