Uniforms, books and stationary are being bought as thousands of pupils prepare to return to the classroom for the start of the new school year.

While some children are returning this week across the UK, schools in Norfolk will welcome back pupils from September 6.

Teachers and the government are trying to plan a safe return for children in the hope of avoiding a repeat of the disruption pupils experienced last year.

While secondary pupils will need to take Covid tests before starting lessons, pupils will be faced with fewer coronavirus restrictions.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has ended the need for class ‘bubbles’, face coverings and introduced new advice on how schools deal with positive cases in a bid to reduce the number of students and staff having to isolate.

With the new term approaching, we want to find out more from parents about how they and their children feel.

Take part in our survey. We are interested in how confident you feel about the new measures, what your concerns are and what you think of testing and vaccination of young people.