A group of primary school children were thrilled to get some special conservation advice from the stars of BBC's Springwatch.

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan broadcast from Wild Ken Hill at Snettisham for three weeks.

An array of remote cameras gave viewers close-up angles of birds and other wildlife on the estate.

They included pupils from Woodpecker Class at Sporle Primary School, who decided to write in for some tips on how they could care for the environment.

Chris and Michaela responded with a special video message.

"Thank you for all your letters, thank you for watching the show and being really wild," said Michaela.

Chris said: "If you're lucky enough to have school grounds, you could let them get a bit wild. Ask the caretaker not to mow the grounds.

"I know we've had No Mow May, but we're hoping to have no mow June, July, August and maybe a late cut in September.

"That would be a great asset to all the invertebrates out there, those insects and spiders that might live in your school.

"We hope you've got a bird box. And lastly, get your parents, get your teachers round to dig a pond."


Sporle Primary head of school Jessica Behan said: "They are all really passionate about the environment so the pupils wrote to ask if Chris would kindly respond with a video to give them some advice on how they could look after their environment.

"They were overjoyed when they received a personal video message in reply from Chris and Michaela with some wildlife tips for them. They were so excited.

"I'm really proud of them because we always encourage the children to follow their passions and goals and to use the power of the written language to communicate this- and what better reason to write than for a real purpose."