Fly-tipping couple fined £400 for dumping mattress

Flytipping Watton

Flytipping in Middle Street in Watton - Credit: Breckland Council

A Watton couple have been fined for dumping a mattress in the town as part of Breckland Council's crack-down on fly-tipping.

The couple, who dumped the mattress outside a shop in Middle Street, came forward after a CCTV appeal on social media and were fined £400.

They claimed fly-tipping was usual practice in the large city they used to live in and assumed it would be tolerated in Breckland too.

The council explained that fly-tipping is a crime and not tolerated in the district.

Gordon Bambridge, executive member for waste and environment at Breckland Council, said: "We hope this sends a clear message that we won't tolerate this issue, we're proactive in catching perpetrators, and we will do all we can to ensure people face the consequences for their actions."

The pair were advised about the legal and safe disposal of waste, either at a Norfolk County Council recycling centre or by hiring a licensed waste carrier.