Police blitz finds defective car tyres and cyclists without lights

Car stopped by Norfolk police's road casualty reduction team

Three people in this car were not wearing seatbelts and the vehicle had a defective tyre, officers from Norfolk police's road casualty reduction team found. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Drivers not wearing seatbelts, defective tyres, cyclists without lights and a motorist who stopped in a pedestrian crossing zone were spotted during police checks in a Norfolk town.

Norfolk police's road casualty reduction team carried out checks around Watton during the course of Friday, March 5.

Four vehicles were found to have defective tyres, while four people were not wearing seatbelts.

Police also stopped seven cyclists who did not have lights on.

And a driver also foolishly stopped in a controlled area at a pedestrian crossing - directly opposite the police station in Watton High Street where the team was working from.

Car stopped in controlled area at pedestrian crossing opposite police station

A driver stopped in a controlled area at a pedestrian crossing - opposite Watton Police Station. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

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