Woman allowed her flat to be cuckooed by London dealers, court told

Norwich Crown Court. Photo: Adrian Judd.

Norwich Crown Court. Photo: Adrian Judd.

A woman allowed her home in Watton to be “cuckooed” by London dealers in return for getting £80 worth of drugs a day to feed her habit, a court heard.

Donna Berry, 43, who was a vulnerable addict at the time, was paid in drugs in return for letting them use her flat as a base, Norwich Crown Court heard.

However Norwich Crown Court heard that since her arrest Berry had now made efforts to tackle her drug problem.

Ian James, prosecuting, said Berry, was stopped by police in a car park on July 21, last year, and found to have some drugs in her car and further drugs were found when officers searched her address.

When they looked at messages on her phone, Mr James said they found she had been involved in street deals to a small number of customers, who were people she knew.

Mr James said that Berry admitted when questioned getting a call from a drug dealer to ask if they could use her flat.

“She had agreed and that is how it came to be that her flat was used. She was paid in drugs to allow people to stay at her flat.”

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He added: “Her role was a significant one in relation to what was going on in her flat.”

Berry, of High Street, Watton, admitted possessing Class A with intent to supply, and possession of Class A drugs and cannabis.

Jonathan Goodman, for Berry, said that at the time of the offences she had relapsed into drug use..

“Her coping strategy was to resort to Class A drugs again. She agreed to allow others to stay in her flat. It was the classic cuckoo.”

He said that in return she was given drugs worth £80 a day.

However he said that since her arrest she had sought help to tackle her drug addiction.

“Since then she has not re-offended and continues to work with those who can help her.”

He said that Berry was vulnerable and said: “She was doing this to feed her own habit.”

He said she was now clean of drugs.

Judge Andrew Shaw accepted that Berry had made progress with her drug problem and so he imposed a three year community order with a two year drug rehabilitation order.

He also imposed a curfew for four months.

Judge Shaw warned her that she should not breach the order: “I need you to understand there will be no second chance.”

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