Fly-tipper fined £700 after dumping waste in farmer's field

Cardboard fly tip left by residents car park in Thetford.

A photo of a similar fly-tipping incident attended to by Breckland Council. - Credit: Breckland Council

One boss has been fined a total of £700 for flytipping rubbish at a farmer's field in Watton.

Breckland Council's enforcement officers carried out an inspection on a field in Watton following reports of a sizeable amount of rubbish dumped there.

They were able to identify where the waste had come from thanks to evidence found at the scene and help from the public.

The business owner admitted that some of the items within the tip belonged to them, as one of their sub-contractors took away the waste.

They also said they were aware the driver was not licensed or legitimate but still decided to pay for the waste to be taken away.

As a result, the business owner was found to not have taken due care with their waste and removal of commercial waste from their home address without the relevant carrier licence, committing two offences.

Breckland Council issued fixed penalty notices for the value of £700. The cash will be reinvested into the enforcement service to track down further perpetrators.

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Councillor Gordon Bambridge, executive member for waste and environment at at the council, said: "This case highlights how important it is to carefully choose a reputable company to remove your waste, as choosing an illegitimate waste carrier could see your waste dumped and you held responsible.

"There are a number of legitimate waste carriers in the district, plus the council offers a bulky load collection for any residents who are struggling to get rid of their waste."

The council advises people looking to hire a legitimate licensed waste carrier to ask them for their assigned licence number, request a receipt listing where the rubbish will be disposed, and make sure correct contact details are recorded.