Couple reveal reason for closing 30-year-old firm

Colin and Amanda Arterton, Artertons, King's Lynn, Norfolk

Colin and Amanda Arterton, who will be retiring from their furniture business. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A Norfolk husband and wife who are closing their high street business and retiring after 30 years.

Amanda and Colin Arterton, Norfolk

Amanda and Colin Arterton - Credit: Denise Bradley

Amanda and Colin Arterton, who run Artertons in King's Lynn, reopened on April 12 but the premises are up for rent.

They said they wanted to retire and Mrs Arterton has now said her husband, 76, needs a heart operation.

"That clinched it, we probably would have stayed on otherwise but he's 76 so it wouldn't have been much of a retirement in his eighties," she said.

"So many people have popped in and said they're sorry we're closing but 'well done.'"

Amanda and Colin Arterton, Norfolk

Amanda and Colin Arterton - Credit: Denise Bradley

As for Mrs Arterton, she also has a surprise twist in her career because she's a professional actress and hopes to return to the big screen and stage.

Colin and Amanda Arterton Norfolk

Colin and Amanda Arterton outside their store. - Credit: Denise Bradley

She ran the Laura Ashley store in town but has also made appearances in adverts and films such as Uncut, the Seer and Glamour Dolls.

"I've still got my Equity card," she said. "I plan to go back to acting and Colin loves steam trains. He was a driver for 15 years and won't be going back to driving but will be volunteering.

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"We will miss Artertons, I'll miss the customers because we've always gone above and beyond. After two or three years we decided we would look after the middle-aged to older people."

Amanda and Colin Arterton

How it all started: Amanda and Colin Arterton when they began Artertons. - Credit: Amanda Arterton

Mr Arterton has been in retail since 1974 and Mrs Arterton since 1978. Mr Arterton was manager at the former Queensway in King's Lynn and when it closed he was head-hunted as a manager in Peterborough.

However, the travelling meant they decided to open the store in King's Lynn which started as The Immediate Delivery Furniture Company but later changed to Artertons.

King's Lynn High Street

The High Street, King's Lynn in days gone by but where Artertons is today. - Credit: Supplied

Mrs Arterton is a trustee of the Shakespeare Guild Trust and she and her husband also have a production company which raises money for charity.

The three storey premises in the High Street is for rent for £25,000 a year. The Artertons, who moved to live close to the shop in the town's historic quarter, plan to start a sale and then retire late this year.