Advance Swaffham: Objectives

Advance Swaffham - a Vision for the Next DecadeObjectives Vision Statements - Swaffham aspires to be a town that:Possesses a thriving community in which all feel safe and secure.

Advance Swaffham - a Vision for the Next Decade


Vision Statements - Swaffham aspires to be a town that:

Possesses a thriving community in which all feel safe and secure.

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Provides for the diverse needs and aspirations of its community.

Provides an excellent environment within which to start up, develop and conduct business.

Respects, enhances and promotes its Heritage.

Promotes its environmental credentials for a more sustainable future.

Responds to the challenges of climate change.

Promotes a clear, confident and positive self-image.

Develops and maintains a balance between its residential, employment, leisure and service functions.

Is perceived to be an appealing locality for residents, visitors, investors and employees.

Promotes modes of sustainable transport and minimises conflicts between people and traffic.

Recognises and enhances its many links with its hinterland.

Enjoys excellent communication between its stakeholders.


Obj 1: Enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the central townscape.

Obj 2: Improve visual attractiveness and biodiversity around the town.

Obj 3: Improve services and facilities for all sections of the local community.

Obj 4: Improve communication between organisations and the community to ensure enhanced information sharing and collaboration.

Obj 5: Support all sections of the community in promoting environmental awareness and good practice.

Obj 6: Support the needs and aspirations of all sections of the community and foster an enhanced sense of community pride.

Obj 7: Promote and further develop opportunities for sport, leisure and recreation.

Obj 8: Promote more sustainable movement in, and around, the town.

Obj 9: Promote Swaffham's identity as a 'market town'.

Obj 10: Support and enhance retail/service provision in the town.

Obj 11: Promote a positive image of the town.

Obj 12: Develop business and employment opportunities in the town.

Obj 13: Develop education and training opportunities and links.

Obj 14: Enhance Swaffham's visitor offer and improve promotion.

Obj 15: To improve management of parking in and around Swaffham town centre.

Obj 16: Improve flows of traffic in, and around, the town.

Objectives and Actions

Obj 1: Enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the central townscape.

i. Implement a protocol for shop front design so that these are more in-keeping with the character of the town and the image we wish to convey. Link to formulation of town design statement.

ii. Provide maps and interpretation boards at key sites in the centre, including Theatre Street and by bus stop.

iv. Rationalise road signs to reduce visual clutter and improve clarity for users.

v. Instigate litter picking initiatives.

vi. Investigate opportunities for greening of the town centre, such as additional flowers/planters, tree planting, creation of landscaped areas.

vii. Review provision of benches to ensure that people can enjoy the best views of Swaffham town centre.

viii. Investigate opportunities for displays of public art.

ix. Identify opportunities to regenerate prominent town centre problem areas such as the Shambles and Plowright Place

x. Investigate options for better managing car parking in centre.

xi. Investigate options for centralising management of the central area.

xii. Townscape Heritage Group to identify best practice models for management of historic townscapes and to identify opportunities for funding to conserve and enhance the townscape.

Obj 2: Improve visual attractiveness and biodiversity around the town

i. Improve the appearance of the entrance points to the town by planting bulbs and/or using planters.

ii. Town Council to consider implementation of long term tree management and replanting strategy for open spaces around the town, including cemetery, recreation ground and Campingland.

iii. Review traffic signage to ensure minimum visual clutter and maximum utility.

iv. Improve physical appearance of Theatre Street car park and access route to town centre.

v. Examine options for increasing the quantity of high quality publicly accessible open space in the town, including possible incorporation of Antinghams and open space provision within new developments in the town.

vi. Ensure that all forms of pollution are consistently monitored and tackled.

vii. Examine opportunities for enhancing the town's allotments.

Obj 3: Improve services and facilities for all sections of the local community.

i. Council to consider reviewing the current provision of affordable and social housing in the town as well as the supply of high quality larger homes to suit professional inmigrants and the subsequent adoption of a policy to support balanced housing provision through the planning process.

ii. Commission study to review public transport links with the surrounding villages and identify the improvements that could be made to better serve the local population in terms of access to employment, goods and services

iii. Support the town's Youth Council and ensure that young people are involved in decision-making that affects the town

iv. Better promote the range of locally available health services to raise public awareness, e.g. via monthly newsletter.

v. Ensure that adequate facilities exist to support newcomers to the town in terms of their needs relating to housing, employment and administration (include provision of local information, specific drop-in services, language classes and multi-lingual documents for overseas migrants)

vi. Ensure that newcomers feel welcomed and given the opportunity to fully integrate into the community

vii. Recognise and provide for the needs of the traveller community.

viii. Expand the provision of outdoor recreational facilities in the town.

ix. Consolidate and expand current evening provision for young people

x. Examine opportunities to improve out of school provision for young people

xi. Better promote the opportunities that currently exist for young people beyond school hours/terms.

xii. Examine ways of improving public/community transport to better meet the needs of local people.

Obj 4: Improve communication between organisations and the community to ensure enhanced information sharing and greater collaborative working

i. Improve information sharing and liaison between local bodies such as Town Council, Iceni Partnership, Retail and Business Forum, Swaffham and District Tourism Association, Breckland District Council and the town's local groups.

ii. Publish monthly Town Newsletter which promotes the activities of all the town's organisations.

iii. Ensure that accurate database of organisational contacts is maintained.

iv. Centralise collation and dissemination of 'What's on' listings, preferably via Monthly Newsletter.

Obj 5: Support all sections of the community in promoting environmental awareness and good practice

i) Ensure that the town's green infrastructure is enhanced and that people understand the contributions that green infrastructure makes to enhancing quality of life and a town's economy.

ii) Develop a project to enhance the townscape using the principles of green infrastructure.

iii) Town Council to consider formulating an environment policy outlining principles for sound environmental practice

iv) Town's businesses and organisations to be encouraged to adopt and promote environmental principles in line with Council policy

v) Create a 'plastic bag free town' with a Swaffham branded re-usable bag.

vi) Create and publicise a definitive list of recycling facilities in and around the town to encourage greater recycling.

vii) Develop a co-ordinated plan for cleaning and litter removal around the town.

viii) Promote local food - links to 'Food weeks'.

ix) Promote 'wildlife gardening'.

x) Encourage informed debate about environmental challenges and responses via programme of talks and events.

xi) Promote use of allotments and home gardening.

xii) Investigate possibilities for developing community orchard along railway embankment behind Orford Road.

Obj 6: Support the needs and aspirations of all sections of the community and foster an enhanced sense of community pride

i. Continue to promote Healthy Living, for example through 'Health Week'.

ii. Engage with Norfolk County Council's 'Joy of Food' initiative by developing a communal allotment.

iii. Maintain links with agencies and support work already being done to keep levels of crime low, i.e. support Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings and Homewatch scheme.

iv. Initiate an education programme highlighting low levels of crime and try to reverse inaccurate perceptions of danger and high crime.

v. Town Council to continue reviewing options for CCTV provision in key sites.

vi. Town Council to continue reviewing street lighting options in order to promote safe and easy movement around the town.

vii. Develop a co-ordinated plan for cleaning and litter removal around the town.

viii. Engage with local schools and assist wherever possible in raising aspirations and achievement.

ix. Encourage lively, informed and constructive debate on key issues facing the town via the town newsletter and organisations' websites

x. Promote a positive image of the town through the media !

xi. Celebrate the high levels of volunteerism that are evident in the town and district. Identify ways of recruiting new volunteers and supporting them in their work.

xii. Promote the Swaffham Welcome Pack to ensure that newcomers to the town are informed of the various social and support activities available.

Obj 7: Promote and further develop opportunities for sport, leisure and recreation

i. Support healthy living initiatives such as 'Health week'.

ii. Support the Swimming Pool Association in their quest for a Swaffham swimming pool.

iii. Review, upgrade and enhance the around Swaffham Walk (Swaefa's Way) and include an outdoor exercise trail.

iv. Initiate a whole town sponsored walk using Swaefa's Way.

v. Initiate a 'jogging-buddies' scheme for local runners.

vi. Look for ways of making better use of the open space that currently exists in Swaffham, including developing the range of provision for young people.

vii. Ensure that future housing and commercial developments incorporate appropriate provision of usable open space.

viii. Identify ways of using the 2012 Olympics as a catalyst to promote sport and exercise.

ix. Enhance the physical infrastructure to increase levels of local walking and cycling.

x. Examine opportunities to increase the range of daytime leisure activities available.

xi. Examine opportunities for providing enhanced facilities to support local arts, drama and theatrical groups.

xii. Promote after-school clubs and holiday activities for young people.

xiii. Support local clubs and associations in their efforts to attract new members and enhance their facilities.

Obj 8: Promote more sustainable movement in and around the town

i. Promote cycling and walking in and around the town whether for reasons of health, recreation (including visitors) or fulfilment of practical needs such as shopping, going to work or school.

ii. Ensure that provision meets the needs of those with impaired mobility.

iii. Cycling and Walking Working Group set up to contribute to the achievement of this objective. Tasks to include:

Identification of opportunities to easily improve provision (improvements to footpaths, lighting, better signage, safe storage

facilities, changes of use etc)

Mapping of current walking and cycling provision

Identify needs associated with future development in town (priorities for Section 106 agreements)

Identify new/enhanced routes across key sectors of town

Liaise with, and support work of, NCC Health and Biodiversity Walks officer

Identify grant funding opportunities to support these developments

iv. Iceni Partnership to continue promoting 'walk to school' week.

v. Footway widths and provision be improved in key sites around the town including Whitecross Road (by school), Watton Road, North Pickenham Road.

vi. Improve links with Theatre Street car park.

vii. Improve availability and management of footways/cycle ways including trimming foliage, clearing fallen leaves, improving lighting etc.

viii. Implement cycle ways (including dual use with footways) in areas such as Northwell Pool, Castle Acre Road, Ash Close/Spinners Lane/Bears Lane, Brandon Road.

ix. Consider pedestrian needs at sites such as Beech Close and Cley Road.

x. Investigate opportunities for improving facilities for users of mobility scooters and for offering training for users.

Obj 9: Promote Swaffham's identity as a 'market town'

i. Promote an overall brand as Swaffham THE 'market town' with a unified approach to promotion of towns different types of market.

ii. Continue to support and look for opportunities to regenerate the Saturday Market.

iii. Continue to promote themed markets, such as French and Italian markets, and identify ways of best integrating these with the broader town economy.

iv. Continue to support and seek to enhance the indoor Friday market, occasional craft markets and Ecotech Antique Fairs.

v. Produce leaflet promoting markets and craft fairs to visitors. Support via online information.

vii. Seek to develop synergies between these different types of market and between the markets and the broader economy.

Obj 10: Support and enhance retail/service provision in the town

i. Develop project around the vacant Corn Hall building to create a high profile, thriving outlet for small enterprises in this prime location.

ii. Townscape Heritage Group to develop database of all town centre properties indicating ownership to facilitate enhanced communication between landlords, town centre (prospective) businesses and property owners to ensure a co-ordinated, consistent approach to future Town Centre developments.

iii. Review and learn from examples of good practice in other towns.

iv. Revitalise the Business Forum.

v. Ensure that local organisations work together to promote local businesses.

vi. Ensure that parking and traffic movement around the town is appropriate for local business needs.

vii. Encourage people to shop locally.

viii. Upgrade the appearance and facilities in the central townscape so that it becomes renowned as an attractive 'space of consumption'.

ix. Promote the town's retail offer more proactively.

x. Identify ways of encouraging people who work on the Ecotech site (and shop at Waitrose) to visit the town centre for shopping, services and leisure.

xi. Ensure that the town's offer is promoted effectively within the rural hinterland.

xii. Engage actively in the development of the Corn Hall, Plowright Place and the Sixth Form Centre.

Obj 11: Promote a positive image of the town

i. Use enhanced town newsletter as a medium for promoting all facets of town life.

ii. Businesses, organisations and community to support one another by promoting positive aspects of town, especially when communicating via print media.

iii. Use twinning links as a mechanism for promoting the town's strength of community.

iv. Identify a positive brand image for the town.

v. Ensure that 'Swaffham brand' is promoted consistently.

Obj 12: Develop business and employment opportunities in the town

i. Introduce a calendar for business activities and support events for Swaffham and District businesses.

ii. Engage proactively with the broader policy and decision making environment.

iii. Develop a co-ordinated approach to bring business support organisations into the town on a regular basis.


iv. Promote the town as a good place to invest, live and work.

v. Engage actively in the future development of the Corn Hall and Sixth Form Centre.

vi. Establish a long term plan to create additional commercial and industrial land.

vii. Create opportunities for new businesses to start up - starter units.

viii. Provide enabling environment for business start-ups in the town including ecommerce, home-based and migrant entrepreneurs.

Obj 13: Develop education and training opportunities and links

i. Establish regular business/education events and activities using the existing networking and support organisations i.e. Connexions, Train 2 Gain, Business Link, NWES etc.

ii. Review education provision with the local schools and how this can be better linked to local business needs.

iii. Review how local business can better support local schools in terms of sponsorship, mentoring, work placements, talks and so forth.

iv. Coordinate the links between the schools and employers.

v. Provide work placement opportunities and business/education links.

Obj 14: Enhance Swaffham's visitor offer and improve promotion

i. Develop and implement a strategy to develop tourism by seeking to attract more people and encouraging them to spend more time in the town.

ii. Develop the products and services available at the Tourist Information Centre.

iii. Improve signage on all major routes into town ('Welcome to Swaffham', references to 'Saturday Market').

iv. Improve information provision in the town, for example visitor friendly maps and interpretation boards at key sites.

v. Develop the town-based tourist product - leaflets to promote themed trails (Heritage, Kingdom, markets, food and drink, public art/sculpture).

vi. Complement the 'About Swaffham' leaflet with an enhanced Town Visitor Guide.

vii. Develop the delivery and distribution of the 'Welcome to Swaffham' pack.

viii. Enhance web-based visitor information about the town (targeted Visitor's section on STC website for example).

ix. Identify ways of encouraging more of the Ecotech Centre's business and leisure users to visit the town centre

x. Use the opportunities created by town's points of interest/strengths: The Pedlar of Swaffham, Howard Carter, Kingdom, proximity to Oxborough, Castle Acre, West Acre; town's built heritage; local sites - church, museum, Ecotech Centre,

quality hotels.

xi. Work closely with the tourism promotion bodies in Breckland, North Norfolk and West Norfolk as well as with Visit Norfolk.

xii. Encourage close working links between Swaffham & District Tourism Association and local bodies and businesses with interest in improving tourism revenues.

xiii. Seek financial support from public and private sector bodies to actively promote the area.

xiv. Generate additional activity from 'film tourism' and 'environmental tourism' eg: walking/cycling, local foods.

xv. Encourage investment in more accommodation facilities.

Obj 15: To improve management of parking in and around Swaffham

i. Investigate options for bringing management of parking under a single-authority.

ii. Increase monitoring of parking and enforce restrictions.

iii. Ensure that visitors have maximum access to parking spaces.

iv. Encourage more efficient usage of town centre parking.

v. Encourage greater usage of Theatre Street car park.

vi. Reduce parking of cars in unofficial areas.

vii. Reduce parking on pavements.

Obj 16: Improve flows of traffic in, and around, the town

i) Maintain effective dialogue with Norfolk County Council Highways Department.

ii) Consider ways of improving traffic management at the following sites: Haspalls Road/London Road, Watton Road/London Road and Turbine Way/Castle Acre Road.

iii) Review traffic, pedestrian and cycle movements in the Northwell Pool area.

iv) Identify locations where traffic speed is a problem, such as Norwich Road, and take appropriate measures.

v) Ensure that levels of congestion and pollution are constantly monitored.

vi) Investigate options for implementing 20mph zone outside school in Whitecross Road.

vii) Review impacts of mini-roundabout at Whitecross Road/London Road and consider implications for traffic management elsewhere in town.

viii) Review local and long distance signage ensuring that this is user-friendly and promotes local leisure and tourism services.

ix) Continue to monitor traffic flows, especially HGVs, through town and consider implications for traffic management schemes.

x) Continue to review air pollution levels at key sites.

xi) Maintain dialogue with Breckland Council regarding air pollution monitoring and consider imposition of air quality management area if required.

xii) Review implications of future residential and commercial developments, lobby for infrastructural improvements and assess options for implementation of traffic diversions or by-pass.

xiii) Review the Route Hierarchy and its impacts upon traffic management in and around Swaffham.