A Norfolk police special constable has been sacked after failing to report that her partner was still driving despite knowing that he had been banned.

The part-time volunteer officer failed to disclose to the force that she had been in a relationship with someone with convictions for “serious criminal offences” between April 2022 and September 2023, a misconduct hearing was told.

He had served time in prison and was disqualified from driving during the time they were together.

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The officer, who has not been named, admitted she knew he was banned and acknowledged that she should have reported their relationship but claimed she had not been fully aware of the force policy to disclosable associations with known criminals.

Norfolk chief constable Paul Sanford said her behaviour amounted to gross misconductNorfolk chief constable Paul Sanford said her behaviour amounted to gross misconduct (Image: Jason Bye)

She has been dismissed after it was found she had “completely compromised her position as an officer”. 

The disciplinary panel chaired by Norfolk chief constable Paul Sanford heard that evidence collected from automatic number plate recognition cameras during an investigation had shown the special constable had been recorded travelling in convoy with him as he drove his van.

“This is not just a case of turning a blind eye, she insured his van in her name and then travelled in convoy with him.  She facilitated his breach of the disqualification ban; I consider this to be a serious breach of the standards relating to discreditable conduct,” said Mr Sanford. 

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The disciplinary hearing took place at Norfolk police headquarters in WymondhamThe disciplinary hearing took place at Norfolk police headquarters in Wymondham (Image: Newsquest)

The officer had claimed that she had insured the van so that she could drive it herself and only believed he was driving on private roads.  

However, in an interview she admitted she had seen him drive it on public roads in June 2023.  

She also stated that the relationship ended in February 2023 despite the data showing her driving in convoy with him after this date.  

“The relationship might have ended but the association had not,” said Mr Sanford.

He added: “She failed to disclose the relationship, she failed to update the vetting unit, she insured a vehicle which she admits she knew he was driving, she facilitates that driving by reporting to have fuelled the van and she failed to do the right thing.”