Former prime minister Liz Truss was the biggest casualty after a seismic election night which transformed the political landscape of Norfolk and Waveney.

Ms Truss saw her 26,195 majority swept aside as county councillor Terry Jermy turned South West Norfolk red as part of a landslide victory for Labour and Sir Keir Starmer.

Terry Jermy, new South West Norfolk MPTerry Jermy, new South West Norfolk MP (Image: Chris Bishop)

Labour also took Norfolk and Waveney seats from the Conservatives in South Norfolk, Norwich North and Lowestoft.

Reform UK took Great Yarmouth from the Tories and the Liberal Democrats triumphed over the Conservatives in North Norfolk.

The Greens are celebrating success after they took the new Waveney Valley cross-border seat.

The Conservatives did hang on to North West Norfolk, Broadland & Fakenham and Mid Norfolk, while Norwich South remained in Labour hands.

Ms Truss did not give a speech after losing the Norfolk South West seat she had held since 2010.

But she told the BBC: "I think the issue we faced as Conservatives is we haven’t delivered sufficiently on the policies people want.

“And that means keeping taxes low, but also particularly on reducing immigration.

"And I think that’s been a crucial issue here in South West Norfolk, that was the number one issue that people raised on the doorstep with me."

She said "I’ve got a lot to think about" when asked whether she wanted to stay in Tory politics.

Adrian RamsayAdrian Ramsay (Image: Paul Geater)

In Waveney Valley, Green winner Adrian Ramsay, a former Norwich city councillor, said his party had "made history".

Rupert LoweRupert Lowe (Image: James Weeds)

Rupert Lowe, former Southampton Football Club chairman, triumphed in Great Yarmouth - a seat which was previously held by Tory Sir Brandon Lewis.

He said: "This is the start of the radical change that the area desperately needs."

These are the results from each constituency:

SOUTH WEST NORFOLK (Labour GAIN from Conservatives)

Terry Jermy (L) 11,847

Liz Truss (C) 11,217

Toby McKenzie (Reform UK) 9,958

James Bagge (Ind) 6,282

Josie Ratcliffe (LD) 3,618

Pallavi Devulapalli (G) 1,838

Earl Elvis of East Anglia (Monster Raving Loony Party) 338

Gary Conway (Heritage Party) 160

Lorraine Douglas (Communist Party) 77

Majority: 630


Adrian Ramsay (G) 20,467

Richard Rout (C) 14,874

Scott Huggins (Reform UK) 7,749

Gurpreet Padda (L) 4,621

John Shreeve (LD) 1,214

Maya Severyn (SDP) 118

Majority: 5,593


James Wild (C) 16,097

Tim Leaver (L) 11,143

Rob Colwell (LD) 6,492

Phil Walton (R) 8,697

Michael De Whalley (G) 2,137

Majority: 4,954

SOUTH NORFOLK (Labour GAIN from Conservatives)

Ben Goldsborough (L) 17,353

Poppy Simister-Thomas (C) 14,527

Chris Harrison (Reform UK) 7,583

Chris Brown (LD) 5,746

Catherine Rowett (G) 3,987

Paco Davila (Ind) 254

Jason Maguire (SDP) 129

Majority: 2,826


Jerome Mayhew (C) 16,322

Iain Simpson (L) 15,603

Eric Masters (Ref) 8,859

Leyla Hannbeck (LD) 5,526

Jan Davis (G) 3,203

Majority: 719

NORTH NORFOLK (Lib Dem GAIN from Conservatives)

Steffan Aquarone (LD) 19,488

Duncan Baker (C) 16,903

Jason Patchett (Reform UK) 6,368

Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach (L) 2,878

Elizabeth Dixon (G) 1,406

Majority: 2,585

NORWICH NORTH (Labour GAIN from Conservatives)

Alice Macdonald (L) 20,794

Charlotte Salomon (C) 9,944

Nick Taylor (Ref) 8,229

Ben Price (G) 4,372

Chika Akinwale (LD) 2,073

Fiona Grace (Ind) 353

Majority: 10,850

GREAT YARMOUTH (Reform UK GAIN from Conservatives)

Rupert Lowe (Reform UK) 14,385

Keir Cozens (L) 12,959

James Clark (C) 10,034

Trevor Rawson (G) 1,736

Fionna Tod (LD) 1,102

Paul Brown (Ind) 230

Catherine Blaiklock (English Democrat) 171

Clare Roullier (Ind) 131

Majority: 1,426

LOWESTOFT (Labour GAIN from Conservatives)

Jess Asato took Lowestoft for LabourJess Asato took Lowestoft for Labour (Image: Mick Howes)

Jess Asato (L) 14,464

Peter Aldous (C) 12,448

June Mummery (Reform UK) 10,328

Toby Hammond (Green) 3,095

Adam Robertson (Lib Dem) 1,489

Majority: 2,016

MID NORFOLK (Conservatives HOLD)

George Freeman (C) 16,770

Michael Rosen (L) 13,716

Kabeer Kher (Reform UK) 9,427

Stuart Howard (LD) 3,126

Ash Haynes (G) 2,858

Majority: 3,054.


Clive Lewis (L) 21,484

Jamie Osborn (G) 8,245

David Thomas (C) 5,806

Graham Burton (Reform UK) 5,227

Sean Bennett (LD) 3,577

Linda Law (Party of Women) 455

Elizabeth Davey (Ind) 301

Majority: 13,239