Six weeks on from a sodden Rishi Sunak announcing the surprise general election and voters go the polls today.

Candidates have pounded the streets across Norfolk and Waveney and have knocked on thousands of doors.

Major election issues have included taxes, the cost of living, immigration, dentistry, sewage, the NHS and pylons.

The election counts will take place overnightThe election counts will take place overnight (Image: Matthew Usher)

But after all the campaigning by candidates, their fates are now in the hands of Norfolk and Waveney's voters.

Polling stations open at 7am today (Thursday, July 4) and shut at 10pm, after which ballot boxes will be taken to the locations for the overnight counts.

People are urged to make sure they take appropriate photo ID to be able to vote.

This is when results are estimated to be declared in each constituency:

Norwich South (2.30am)

Labour's Clive Lewis will be confident of holding onto the seat which has been his since 2015.

Clive LewisClive Lewis (Image: UK Parliament)

His opponents are David Thomas (Conservative), Jamie Osborn (Green), Sean Bennett (Liberal Democrat), Graham Burton (Reform UK), Elizabeth Davey (Independent) and Linda Law (Party of Women).

Great Yarmouth (3am)

With Conservative Sir Brandon Lewis having stood down, Labour's Keir Cozens has high hopes, but Reform UK's Rupert Lowe is hoping to put a spanner in the works, while James Clark was a late pick for the Conservatives.

Keir CozensKeir Cozens (Image: Keir Cozens)

Other candidates are Fionna Tod (LD), Trevor Rowson (G), Paul Brown (Ind), Clare Roullier (Ind) and Catherine Blaiklock (English Democrats).

Lowestoft (3.30am)

Conservative Peter Aldous will be hoping for victory, but Labour's Jess Asato has other ideas.

Peter AldousPeter Aldous (Image: UK Parliament)

Other candidates are June Mummery (Reform UK), Adam Robertson (LD) and Toby Hammond (G).

Mid Norfolk (3.30am)

Conservative George Freeman will find out whether he will still represent the constituency he has held since 2010.

George FreemanGeorge Freeman

His opponents are Michael Rosen (L), Ash Haynes (G), Stuart Howard (LD) and Kabeer Kher (Reform UK).

Broadland & Fakenham (4am)

Renamed to reflect Fakenham's part in the constituency, incumbent Conservative Jerome Mayhew faces opposition from Iain Simpson (L), Jan Davis (G), Leyla Hannbeck (LD) and Eric Masters (Reform UK).

Leyla HannbeckLeyla Hannbeck (Image: Leyla Hannbeck)

North Norfolk (4am)

Ranked 55 on the Lib Dem target seat list, the party believes North Norfolk is their best chance of success in the county.

Duncan BakerDuncan Baker (Image: Archant)

Steffan Aquarone will be hoping to take the constituency from Conservative Duncan Baker.

Other candidates are Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach (L), Liz Dixon (G) and Jason Patchett (Reform UK)

Norwich North (4am)

Labour will be confident Alice Macdonald can make the seat red for the first time since 2009, by beating Conservative Charlotte Salomon.

Charlotte SalomonCharlotte Salomon (Image: Charlotte Salomon)

Other candidates are Chika Akinwale (LD), Ben Price (G), Fiona Grace (Ind) and Nick Taylor (Reform UK).

Waveney Valley (4am)

The Greens have made the new cross-border constituency one of their target seats, with co-leader Adrian Ramsay as their candidate.

Adrian RamsayAdrian Ramsay

But the Conservatives hope Richard Rout will triumph while Labour are banking on Dr Gurpreet Padda.

Other candidates are Scott Huggins (Reform UK) and Maya Severyn (SDP).

South Norfolk (4am)

Conservative Poppy Simister-Thomas is aiming to keep the seat blue.

Ben GoldsboroughBen Goldsborough (Image: Labour Party)

Her opponents are Chris Brown (LD), Ben Goldsborough (L), Dr Catherine Rowett (G), Jason Maguire (SDP), Chris Harrison (Reform UK) and Paco Davila (Ind).

North West Norfolk (4.30am)

Conservative James Wild will be hoping to ward off the challenge of Rob Colwell (LD), Tim Leaver (L), Phil Walton (Reform UK) and Michael de Whalley (G).

Rob ColwellRob Colwell (Image: Rob Colwell)

South West Norfolk (5.30am)

The likely last result to come through from Norfolk is one which many in the country will be looking for.

Liz TrussLiz Truss

Will former prime minister Liz Truss hold her seat for the Conservatives?

Terry Jermy (L), James Bagge (Ind), Josie Ratcliffe (LD), Pallavi Devulapalli (G), Lorraine Douglas (Communist Party), Gary Conway (Heritage Party) and Earl Elvis of East Anglia (Monster Raving Loony Party) are her opponents.

Our reporters will be bringing you the news from all the counts throughout the night in our live election blog at while Saturday's EDP will contain all the drama and analysis.