Norfolk and Waveney goes to the polls tomorrow and the way people vote could leave the region with a dramatically different political landscape.

The Conservatives have had a near monopoly since the 2019 General Election, with Labour's Clive Lewis in Norwich South the only non-Tory MP.

However, pollsters have predicted that could all change once votes are counted in the early hours of Friday morning - with some even predicting a Conservative wipeout.

The nation goes to the polls on July 4The nation goes to the polls on July 4 (Image: Press Association)

Polls are open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday.

This is your guide to who is standing in the nine Norfolk constituencies, in the new cross-county Waveney Valley and in Lowestoft.



Former prime minister Liz Truss is fighting to retain the seat she has held for the Conservatives since 2010.

Liz TrussLiz Truss

Terry Jermy, a county and district councillor, hopes to unseat her and win the constituency for Labour.

Independent James Bagge - who was part of the Turnip Taliban which opposed Ms Truss' selection back in 2010 - is also standing.

Josie Ratcliffe is standing for the Liberal Democrats, Toby McKenzie for Reform UK and West Norfolk councillor Pallavi Devulapalli for the Greens.

Lorraine Douglas is standing for the Communist Party of Great Britain, Gary Conway for the Heritage Party and Earl Elvis of East Anglia for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Ms Truss has increased her majority every year since being elected in 2010 and it stood at 26,195 in 2019, when she took almost 70pc of the vote.

However, that was before her disastrous and brief stint as prime minister, during which her mini-budget led to the pound tumbling and government borrowing costs soaring.

What happened in 2019?

Liz Truss (Conservative) 35,507 (69pc)

Emily Blake (Labour) 9,312 (18.1pc)

Josie Ratcliffe (Liberal Democrat) 4,166 (8.1pc)

Pallavi Devulapalli (Green) 1,645 (3.2pc)

Earl Elvis of Outwell (Monster Raving Loony) 836 (1.6pc)

Majority: 26,195

Turnout: 51,466 (65.6pc)



James Clark was a hurried pick by the Conservatives after prime minister Rishi Sunak called the election.

With Sir Brandon Lewis, who had upped his majority each year since 2010, standing down, Mr Clark is hoping he can keep the seaside town blue.

Rupert LoweRupert Lowe (Image: Reform UK)

But the rise of Reform UK has given their candidate Rupert Lowe, former chairman of Southampton Football Club, hope that he could take the seat.

Some polls are also predicting that Labour's candidate Keir Cozens will triumph.

Catherine Blaiklock, the founder of the Brexit Party, is standing for the English Democrats, but has urged people to vote for Reform UK.

Fionna Tod is the Lib Dem candidate, while Trevor Rowson is standing for the Greens.

There are also two independent candidates Paul Brown and anti-abortionist Clare Roullier.

What happened in 2019?

Brandon Lewis (C) 28,593 (65.8pc)

Mike Smith-Clare (L) 10,930 (25.1pc)

James Joyce (LD) 1,661 (3.8pc) 

Anne Killett (G) 1,064 (2.4pc)

Dave Harding (Veterans and People Party) 6.31 (1.5pc)

Adrian Myers (Independent) 429 (1pc)

Margaret McMahon-Morris (Independent) 154 (0.4pc)

Majority: 17,663

Turnout: 43,462 (60.4pc)



The newly-created, cross border, seat has attracted national attention, with the Greens making it one of their target seats.

Adrian Ramsay, former Norwich city councillor and co-leader of his party nationally, is the Green candidate.

Adrian RamsayAdrian Ramsay (Image: Paul Geater)

Richard Rout, deputy leader of Suffolk County Council, is standing for the Conservatives, while Labour's candidate is Norwich city councillor Dr Gurpreet Padda.

John Shreeve is the candidate for the Lib Dems, but suffered the indignity of Sir Norman Lamb, former Lib Dem MP for North Norfolk, urging people to vote Green.

Former BBC presenter Scott Huggins is standing for Reform UK and Maya Severyn for the Social Democratic Party.

What happened in 2019?

Waveney Valley is a new constituency.



Conservative Duncan Baker is fighting to retain the seat he took from the Lib Dems in 2019.

But Norfolk county councillor Steffan Aquarone fancies his chances of winning the constituency back.

Steffan AquaroneSteffan Aquarone (Image: Supplied)

Labour's candidate is Great Yarmouth borough councillor Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach, Liz Dixon is standing for the Greens and Jason Patchett is Reform UK's candidate.

What happened in 2019?

Duncan Baker (C) 29,792 (58.6pc)

Karen Ward (LD) 15,397 (30.3pc)

Emma Corlett (L) 3,895 (7.7pc)

Harry Gwynne (Brexit Party) 1,739 (3.4pc)

Majority: 14,395

Turnout: 50,823 (71.9pc)



Pollsters predict Labour will take the seat, which had been in Conservative hands since 2009.

Chloe Smith, who won it then at a by-election triggered by the resignation of Labour's Ian Gibson, is not standing.

Alice MacdonaldAlice Macdonald (Image: Alice Macdonald)

Charlotte Salomon was given the task of trying to keep the seat Tory, but faces a challenge from Labour's Alice Macdonald.

Other candidates are Green Ben Price, a Norwich city councillor and leader of his group at Norfolk County Council and Reform UK's Nick Taylor.

The Lib Dem candidate is Chika Akinwale, a Cambridgeshire district councillor, while Fiona Grace is standing as an independent.

What happened in 2019?

Chloe Smith (C) 23,397 (50.5pc)

Karen Davis (L) 18,659 (40.3pc)

David Thomas (LD) 2,663 (5.8pc)

Adrian Holmes (G) 1,078 (2.3pc)

David Moreland (UKIP) 488 (1.1pc)

Majority: 4,738

Turnout: 46,285 (68.9pc)



Considered by the majority of pollsters as the safest seat in Norfolk, Labour's Clive Lewis is looking to retain the seat he won from the Liberal Democrats in 2015.

Clive LewisClive Lewis (Image: Archant)

His majority actually fell in 2019, but Mr Lewis was still comfortably ahead of his nearest rival - Conservative Michael Spencer.

This time around, former Jane Austen College headteacher David Thomas is aiming to win the seat for the Tories.

Jamie Osborn, a councillor at Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council, will be looking to improve on the Green's fourth place showing last time.

Sean Bennett is standing for the Lib Dems and Graham Burton for Reform UK.

Anti-abortionist Elizabeth Davey is standing as an independent and Linda Law for the Party of Women.

What happened in 2019?

Clive Lewis (L) 27,766 (53.7pc)

Michael Spencer (C) 15,006 (29pc)

James Wright (LD) 4,776 (9.2pc)

Catherine Rowett (G) 2,469 (4.8pc)

Sandy Gilchrist (Brexit Party) 1,656 (3.2pc)

Majority: 12,760

Turnout: 51,673 (66.4pc)



Conservative Jerome Mayhew won the seat in 2019, with a majority of almost 22,000, after veteran MP Keith Simpson stepped down.

Jerome MayhewJerome Mayhew (Image: Archant 2022)

But, this time, pollsters say it could be a close battle in the renamed Broadland and Fakenham seat, with the name tweaked to reflect how Fakenham is part of the constituency.

Labour's Iain Simpson, Green Jan Davis, Liberal Democrat Leyla Hannbeck and Reform UK's Eric Masters are challenging Mr Mayhew.

What happened in 2019?

Jerome Mayhew (C) 33,934 (59.6pc)

Jess Barnard (L) 12,073 (21.2pc)

Ben Goodwin (LD) 9.195 (16.1pc)

Andrew Boswell (G) 1,412 (2.5pc)

Simon Rous (The Universal Good Party) 3,63 (0.6pc)

Majority: 21,861

Turnout: 56,977 (72.9pc)



Long-serving Conservative Richard Bacon is not standing, with Poppy Simister-Thomas attempting to retain a seat which the Tories have held since 1950.

Poppy Simister-ThomasPoppy Simister-Thomas (Image: Poppy Simister-Thomas)

Mr Bacon increased his majority from 16,678 to 21,275 at the last general election, but things could be very different this time around.

Some of the constituency has switched to the new Waveney Valley seat and the Tories have endured disappointing local election results.

Ben Goldsborough, former mayor of the Welsh town of Flint, was a late selection by Labour, but some pollsters have tipped him to triumph.

Chris Brown, leader of the Liberal Democrat group at South Norfolk Council, is his party's pick to challenge for the seat.

The Green candidate is former MEP and current county councillor Dr Catherine Rowett.

Jason Maguire is standing for the Social Democratic Party, Chris Harrison for Reform UK and Paco Davila as an independent.

What happened in 2019?

Richard Bacon (C) 36,258 (58pc)

Beth Jones (L) 14,983 (24pc)

Christopher Brown (LD) 8,744 (14pc)

Ben Price (G) 2,499 (4pc)

Majority: 21,275

Turnout: 62,484 (72.5pc)



According to some pollsters, Conservative George Freeman is the sitting MP most likely to retain his seat.

George FreemanGeorge Freeman

Mr Freeman has been MP in Mid Norfolk since 2010 and increased his majority to 22,594 in 2019.

Labour's candidate is Michael Rosen, a South Norfolk district councillor and former head of children's services at Norfolk County Council.

Former Norwich City Council Green group leader Ash Haynes is her party's candidate, with Stuart Howard standing for the Lib Dems and Kabeer Kher for Reform UK.

What happened in 2019?

George Freeman (C) 35,051 (62.4pc)

Adrian Heald (L) 12,457 (22.2pc)

Steffan Aquarone (LD) 7,739 (13.8pc)

PJ O'Gorman (Independent) 939 (1.7pc)

Majority: 22,594

Turnout: 56,186 (68.5pc)



Conservative incumbent James Wild is keen to hold the seat he won in 2019, having increased his predecessor Sir Henry Bellingham's majority.

Tim Leaver, a London borough councillor, is Labour's candidate, while solicitor Rob Colwell, a Norfolk county and West Norfolk district councillor, is fighting for the Lib Dems.

The Green challenger is Michael de Whalley, while Phil Walton is Reform UK's candidate.

What happened in 2019?

James Wild (C) 30,627 (65.7pc)

Joanne Rust (L) 10,705 (23pc)

Rob Colwell (LD) 3,625 (7.8pc)

Michael De Whalley (G) 1,645 (3.5pc)

Majority: 19,922

Turnout: 46,602 (64.7pc)



A name change for the former Waveney constituency, which has also lost Bungay to the new Waveney Valley.

Conservative Peter Aldous will be hoping he can keep the seat he has held since 2010.

Peter AldousPeter Aldous (Image: UK Parliament)

When Mr Aldous won the seat from Labour in that general election, it was with a majority of just 769, but by 2019 he had increased it to just over 18,000.

However, Labour candidate Jessica Asato, who lost out to Chloe Smith when she stood in North North nine years ago, believes the town is ready for change.

June Mummery is standing for Reform UK, with Adam Robertson for the Lib Dems and Toby Hammond for the Greens.

What happened in 2019?

Peter Aldous (C) 31,778 (62.2pc)

Sonia Barker (L) 13,776 (26.9pc)

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (G) 2,72 (5.3pc)

Helen Korfanty (LD) 2,603 (5.1pc)

Dave Brennan (Christian Peoples Alliance) 245 (0.5pc)

Majority: 18,002

Turnout: 51,129 (61.8pc)

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