Norfolk MP Liz Truss should have the Conservative whip removed for spreading "blatant conspiracy theories" during appearances in the United States, according to Labour.

The former prime minister and South West Norfolk MP used a talk at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac) in the US to claim her efforts to cut taxes during her short stint at 10, Downing Street were "sabotaged" by the "administrative state and the deep state".

Ms Truss had claimed in her speech that Conservatives are "now operating in what is a hostile environment" and that "left-wing elites" will be "aided and abetted by our enemies in China, Iran and Russia".

She later took part in an interview with Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon and remained silent as he hailed far-right figure Tommy Robinson a "hero".

Watton & Swaffham Times: Jonathan AshworthJonathan Ashworth (Image: Press Association)

Shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth wrote to prime minister Rishi Sunak saying “egregious” remarks by Ms Truss and fellow Tory MP Lee Anderson "cannot go unchecked or unchallenged".

He said: "For a senior politician to engage in spreading such blatant conspiracy theories is incredibly damaging to our democracy, our institutions and social cohesion.

"For a former prime minister to make such remarks, while on an international visit to a country with who the UK shares a special relationship which upholds liberal values is an unforgivable lowering of the office of prime minister which lessens the United Kingdom’s standing in the world and needs to be acted upon."

Watton & Swaffham Times: Sir Sajid JavidSir Sajid Javid

Senior Tory MP Sir Sajid Javid was among those to criticise Ms Truss for not challenging Mr Bannon's comment about Mr Robinson.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, he said: "I’d hope every MP would confront such a statement head on. Liz should really know better."

Independent James Bagge, who will stand against Ms Truss in South West Norfolk at the general election, also slammed her remarks.

Watton & Swaffham Times: James BaggeJames Bagge (Image: Garlinda Birkbeck)

He said: "The only thing the Bank of England did was rescue us from the disastrous situation that she had put herself in. So she really does have no one else to blame but herself."

Mr Anderson was suspended from the Conservative Party after drawing widespread criticism for claiming "Islamists" have "got control" of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

He subsequently said his words were "clumsy", but that he would not apologise.

Ms Truss has been contacted for comment.