Proposals to demolish a former police station to make way for housing have been criticised for not considering the "genuine needs" of the community. 

The plans submitted by Norfolk Constabulary would see the site in West Acre Road, Swaffham transformed into six homes.

Under the proposals, one two-bedroom and five three-bedroom houses with new driveways and a private access road would be built in the space currently occupied by the former police station building and its garages.

Locals, however, object to the scheme saying that the new development will negatively impact the surrounding properties.

Barry Hunter, of Spinners Lane, said: "While I accept that the site has to be redeveloped, I feel the proposed plan has been drawn up with no thought or consideration to adjoining properties."

Concerns were also raised that the former Swaffham Court House, which is located close to the site, is not included in the plans and will be just meters from the windows of one of the new homes.

Watton & Swaffham Times: The police station was replaced with a new site in Turbine WayThe police station was replaced with a new site in Turbine Way (Image: Google Maps)

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James Savage, of Lynn Street, also raised objections to the plans. 

He said: "Swaffham already grapples with insufficient employment opportunities, as well as shortages in essential services such as dentists and doctors - this inadequacy extends beyond the existing community's requirements, making it challenging to support an influx of newcomers into the town.

"We lack the necessary infrastructure to sustain the continuous influx of hastily constructed houses.

"A more considerate approach to development, tailored to the specific needs and desires of the local community, is essential."

Breckland Council will decide whether to approve the plans by March 25.