Norfolk MP Liz Truss was among Conservative MPs who rebelled over prime minister Rishi Sunak's bill to revive the stalled Rwanda plan.

The South West Norfolk MP and former prime minister was one of almost 60 Tories who voted for two amendments which the right-wing of the party claim will help protect the government’s flagship asylum policy from legal challenge.

Ms Truss backed amendments to the bill tabled by former immigration minister Robert Jenrick and veteran Tory Sir Bill Cash.

On Tuesday, MPs voted 529 to 68 to reject Sir Bill's amendment, which aimed to ensure UK and international law cannot be used to prevent or delay a person being removed to Rwanda.

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Some 58 MPs backed Mr Jenrick's amendment.

However, no Conservatives voted against the Bill at second reading – despite similar warnings from the right of the party which had appeared to put it in jeopardy beforehand.

Tory Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith stepped down in order to vote for two amendments.

Mr Sunak is battling to see off another major revolt today at the third reading of the bill.

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The government’s bill and a treaty with Rwanda are intended to make the scheme, designed to deter small boat crossings of the English Channel, legally watertight following a Supreme Court ruling against the plan.

Ministers want to be able to send migrants on a one-way trip to Rwanda, where they will be able to seek asylum in the African nation.

The stalled policy comes with a £290m bill, but no asylum seekers arriving via unauthorised routes have been relocated as yet following a series of challenges in the courts.

Before Tuesday's vote, Ms Truss, had said: "We have told the British people time and again we intend to crack down on illegal migration, yet keep being thwarted by a range of spurious legal loopholes being exploited by activist lawyers.

"It is essential the legislation we are passing is watertight and closes all those possible loopholes, which is why I am backing this raft of amendments."