Drivers are being warned of icy roads across Norfolk. 

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service are warning drivers to stay safe when driving on the county's roads during freezing temperatures. 

A cold weather alert remains in place for Norfolk although it is forecast to get milder during the day. 

Norfolk County Council has issued the following advice for anyone driving on icy roads:

  • Keep your speed down
  • Don't assume roads have been gritted
  • If roads have been gritted, don't assume they're not slippery
  • Be gentle on the brakes, clutch, gears and accelerator
  • Don't be fooled by how warm it is inside the car. Black ice is invisible and can catch out the most careful of drivers
  • Approach corners at a steady speed, in a low gear and be gentle on the accelerator. Don’t touch the clutch unless you absolutely have to. Steer smoothly and avoid braking on bends. The lack of tyre grip will make cornering harder and your vehicle will be forced outwards
  • Braking distance on ice can be 10 times more than the normal distance on dry roads, especially if you're driving downhill
  • If you're driving downhill, use a lower gear to let the engine compression hold the vehicle back
  • If a skid happens don't brake - no matter how strong the temptation. Slow down by gently easing the pressure on the accelerator pedal and, if appropriate, de-clutch until you regain control of the vehicle