Liz Truss dodged questions on whether she has any “credibility” to continue as prime minister amid claims Tory MPs will call for her resignation.

The Norfolk MP was challenged today (October 14) at a press conference made shortly after news broke that Kwasi Kwarteng had been sacked as chancellor.

In the statement, the embattled prime minister also admitted her government's economic plan "must change" following weeks of turmoil after the former chancellor announced his mini-budget.

Ms Truss said the government must “act now” to reassure the markets of “our fiscal discipline”, announcing she would scrap plans to cancel the proposed corporation tax rise from 19pc to 25pc.

In a brief statement lasting about 10 minutes, she told a Downing Street press conference: “It is clear that parts of our mini-budget went further and faster than markets were expecting. So the way we are delivering our mission right now has to change."

The MP for South West Norfolk added it was “right” to act in the interests of economic stability and that she is “determined to see through what I’ve promised” when challenged about her political future.

Asked why she should remain as PM after reversing key tax cuts that led to her election as Tory leader and sacking her chancellor, she told a press conference: “I’m absolutely determined to see through what I have promised, to deliver a higher growth, more prosperous United Kingdom, to see us through the storm we face.

“We’ve already delivered the energy price guarantee making sure people aren’t facing huge bills this winter.

“But it was right in the face of the issues that we had that I acted decisively to ensure that we have economic stability, because that is vitally important to people and businesses right across our country.”

Ms Truss sidestepped questions about her position, emphasising that she took “difficult decisions” in the interests of “economic stability”.

She was asked why she gets to stay in No 10 when Mr Kwarteng, with whom she designed the mini-budget in lockstep, was sacked as Chancellor.

Ms Truss said: “Well, my priority is making sure we deliver the economic stability that our country needs.

“That’s why I had to take the difficult decisions I’ve taken today.

“The mission remains the same. We do need to raise our country’s economic growth levels. We do need to deliver for people across the country. We’re committed to delivering on the energy price guarantee which people are already seeing in their bills.

“But ultimately, we also need to make sure that we have economic stability, and I have to act in the national interest as prime minister.”